Best sedan for sub $400

Hi guys I’m looking for a luxury/sporty sedan for under $400 with nothing down preferably 24month with 10k miles.

Thank you.

S90 or giulia, depending on which direction you want to go

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S90 has excellent deals that may (or may not) go up by end of month.

Giulia under 400? No way

S90 all the way >>> giulia

Really? Normal search of all the threads says otherwise. Deals in the low 3’s last month, could be different this month.

Edit: only first payment due at signing too.

Base Giulia yes way!!!

Thank you everybody for the feedback. Is it possible to get an Audi A4 in that price range? Also any other recommendations.

Audis lease very poorly

While I agree, if he’s more sporty focused than luxury focused, the giulia may suit his needs better.

here’s an idea of what an A4 would lease for from an audi dealer who posted on this forum: