Looking for a new car- moving on from the minivan

I think I am ready to give up the minivan. What SUV will offer the same space and/or comfort that a minivan offers? I have 4 children so I need the space. My husband has a 2018 Traverse and I have fallen in love with the way a SUV drives, but his car just doesn’t have the trunk space I need. Any suggestions on where to start? I only looked at a Suburban, but the kids felt the 3rd row was very uncomfortable (we go on many long car rides…like 6+ hours away).

Not much will have as much space as the minivan, especially with 4 kids in tow. The 3rd row of the Expedition/Navigator is much better than the Suburban/Yukon, more inches and seat is higher off ground. None of them lease well. My Expedition has less cargo space than wife’s old minivan. The extended length version of each does have more cargo space.

My wife’s 2017 Expedition is much quieter than my 2005 Expedition. It also flies in comparison when the turbo kicks in. But my 2005 is a tank with 185k miles, has been very reliable in the 8 years I have owned it and goes anywhere I want to take it.

You might be able to make something work with a crossover, but 4 kids equals using 3 rows, so that limits cargo space.

If the Traverse doesn’t have the trunk space you need, then quite frankly nothing will. Traverse is the biggest in its class and is massive

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Some people like the VW Atlas, but it leases like crap too.

How bad does it lease??

Yeah, I am thinking I have to stick with the minivan. Thanks!

According to some people who have received pricing on this website 500-600/mth for a 45k vehicle.

We looked at the Atlas for my husband- it is too small for me for an everyday car. It is a great car but just doesn’t have the room I need for everyday.

I am in the midst of evoking the lemon law with my Chrysler Pacifica. I hate the looks of the Sienna and I have a hard time driving the Odyssey (the gas paddle is so hard for me to push…no idea why). Anyway, I need to find another car with the same space. I am at a loss! The Escalade is out of my price range. The 3rd row in the Suburban is not really comfortable - it is like a bench instead of a backseat like a minivan. Any suggestions on what to look at next?

Kia Soul is so roomy and also fun to drive. Yesterday the school bus was so late, my wife took our kids, plus 7-8 neighborhood kids with huge backpacks to school herself. Still have no idea why people need those giant “mini” vans.

So 10+ people in a Kia Soul in 1 trip? How is that possible?

It’s very roomy…

But this is America, if she had gotten in a wreck with children unbuckled in the car, there would have been all sorts of lawsuits and penalties for driving children without them being buckled in.

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Have you tried the Kia Sedona, it has trims which are rather luxurious. The qx60 has an ok 3rd row and the 2nd row moves back and forth so you can adjust for legroom. Suburban/Yukon/Escalade 3rd row is small for how large the vehicle is.

I know, this was a humorous post, and i think they were all buckled, in sets of 3.

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I’d look at Traverse or Highlander

Wow I’m dumb. Didn’t realize I suggested this two weeks ago

My husband has the Traverse and I do love it but it just doesn’t have the trunk space. I have been driving his car while he drives the rental that Chrysler gave us. I had all 4 kids and we went to Costco - big mistake. I completely underestimated the lack of room in his trunk. I wish the traverse was made in an XL version!

The Traverse is huge. It’s like 205 inches and the largest in its class. If that isn’t big enough for you, then your only options are minivan or Suburban.

It is huge in space for people to sit- but if my kids are sitting in all the seats then the trunk size is small…I love the car because my kids have enough room I just wish the trunk was extended. I know, I am thinking I have to go back and give the Odyssey another look :(.

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