Looking at leasing an SUV, never leased before


Have just started looking at some SUV’s and seeing what I like for the wife. So far she likes the Honda Pilot EX-L and the Kia Sorento EX. FWD is all we need, located in Florida. Price range that I am looking for is 300-450 a month, 12k min and no money down (except for the fees and taxes I know paid upfront with first month payment). Any help would be appreciated or if you know any other SUV models I should target. March is the time frame I am looking to lease

Suggest you spend some time on Leasing 101 (this site) and the following:


You have some time if March is your target month.

I am in same exact boat. I just got back from Honda dealer and cannot get them to lower EXL below $38,000 before I left. I will negotiate over email now, and post my best offer. The Highlander was too small. I also like the Chevy Traverse and need to check out the Kia. I assumed the Honda would be the cheapest lease though, because retains value more than Chevy and Kia.

Infiniti QX60 is more SUV then the other two and in your price range.
If you decide you want to use a broker in FL for Infiniti, you can reach out to @mani_is_kool

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Just because a car holds it’s value doesn’t mean it leases well. Honda is a prime example of that.

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I have looked at the info on that SUV, just thought it might be out my price range. If I can get it in my range I think my wife would love it and me of course

yes you can, talk to @mani_is_kool

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Thought the same about Highlander. Will check out the Traverse and see about the Infiniti QX60. Good luck with you and let us know. Love this forum, getting great information.

I think I will and see if he can help out. Really do hate being at these dealerships

QX60 will be cheaper than the other two options in FL if you qualify for some of the rebates.

Good to know, lot of people just assume the higher the cost of car higher the lease. My credit I know is above 750 and hope to get some rebates which will help. I 'll take my wife this week to look at the Infiniti and see how she likes it.

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Check out the post from @mani_is_kool for the QX60 for this month.

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So I drove the Infinity 2019 QX60 Luxe AWD. I liked it, but seemed less spacious than Pilot (cargo and 3rd row). Better lease offer than pilot though. Here is their first offer (which I have not negotiated yet). I have a 2005 Jeep Cherokee that they are valuing at $2500.
So, MRSP on QX90 $50,055 reduced to Cap Cost $44,500. Documentation fee $150 B&O tax $209.60 lic/title/reg $750, so brings total to $45,609.
They take $1750 from jeep trade (he says this covers the $750 acquisition fee). Risidual is $28,030.80. Payments are $446.97 a month with no money down, and they write me $750 check for remaining jeep value (recall jeep valued at $2500, $1750 is really being put down) and $750 back to me via check. This is for 39 mo lease, 10k miles. I asked about 12k miles, he said would be about $11 more a month.
Also, if you do Pure model (lose remote start), saves you $25/month.
I need to put this in calculator. Again, I have not negotiated yet.

My wife and I just test drove a Sorrento over the weekend because her lease is up in a couple months. For it’s size it felt pretty cramped in the second row. I think the pilot is a better bet but I think the KIA deals are better.

Check the Tiguan too. It has grown in size prob between The both you’re looking at and some people have got decent deals on SEs. Also look at atlas. They weren’t leasing well but possibly could at this point. The atlas is a lot bigger inside than the pilot.

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Thats really bad…

Here’s a deal we just did in MA on an AWD version of the EX-L

2019 Honda Pilot EX-L
36 Months
15,000 MPY
$0 Down
Residual Amount- $23,986.45
Money Factory/ Rate- .00173%
Sales Price- $34,587
( Documentation Fee- $398
Acquisition Fee- $595
Inspection Sticker- $5
Plates registration - $135

Monthly was $467 including tax with only first due

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My understanding is that cars that lease well generally don’t hold their value on the used market because by leasing well, a new one is “cheap”, thus driving down what people are willing to pay for a used vehicle.

Thats inaccurate.

Take my Rav 4 advertisements for example. It depends on so many factors and specifically, the programs.

Or is the rav4 the exception and not the rule?

My guess is the used values are abysmal for all the cars on here that are most commonly hacked.

Think about it- how can a used car hold its value when a new one can be obtained on the cheap?

Totally valid point.

I wish their was a rule to all of it, but it often feels like a crapshoot to me :slight_smile:

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