Long time lurker, question about the upcoming BMW M8 Competition


I currently have an M4 Competition (80k MSRP) 10k miles a year and I pay 1320/month after tax and I also put 5k down. I got absolutely rinsed on this deal as I did not know about leasehackr or negotiating. Hope that gives you guys a good chuckle.

Anyway, I believe the M8 Comp will start at 133K, what do you guys foresee a good deal going for with a lightly optioned coupe? 5K down 1500 a month? Jumping into this god awful deal with my M4 has helped me a lot as far as knowing that I can comfortably set aside 2k/month for my car; I just look at this shitty deal with a glass half full mentality. I’m excited for my next car whatever it may be!

m8? expect close to 2k, a fully optioned m5 comp is like $1500 with standard driveoffs and that’s like 128k. With no pricing out yet on the m8 who knows.

I was quoted $2400 plus tax for a fully load M8 comp with MSRP of $166k. They did give me the base MF of .00128 and all incentives and discounts plus dealership loyalty program totaling around $10k. Curious what the best deals will be.


Tbh, we won’t really know. One can only make an educated guess.
I foresee one going well over 2k/month for at least first few months till there is demo and the market adjustment (which is in MacLaren range for 7,500 miles/year).

If you are looking for a good deal, might be a better idea to keep your eyes on M850i instead as there are still plenty of 2019s on dealer lots and as 2020 M850i and M8 are arriving on dealer lots soon, my guess is that BMWFS will most likely enhance programs for M850i (at least better than stinking $1500 lease cash and no loyalty atm).

Please chime in if you agree or disagree.
I actually would love to hear what other hackrs are thinking.

sounds about right, keep in mind the m8 is a true M while the m850i is in between an 850i and an m8 so typically the better deals will come on the lower trims, 2k a month is not worth it for this car but that’s what it will go for with a 150kish price range.

Long time lurker.

I’ve been quoted $1880 per month for the 2020 BMW M8 Comp Coupe. Putting about $4800 down in total.

The car would have been cheaper without the M Drivers School package $2,500.

What do you guys think about this deal?

You haven’t lurked for very long if you think we can evaluate that deal with no info besides a monthly payment and a due at signing.


I thought I would ask you guys, being that you’re the experts to see if I’m getting a good deal or not.

It’s a launch car and the dealership is looking to blow it out. They told me they are blowing it out to me. $13,000 of MSRP.

MSRP: $156,695

I currently have a BMW so I’m getting loyalty. I also have an OL number and BMW CCA.

Sheesh… Yes Yes Please go ahead and everyone go get that car now !!!
So that the rest of us can work on these in March/ April of 2020 when they will be really pushing these 2019s out :stuck_out_tongue:

“Experts” need data. Otherwise it’s garbage in, garbage out - or we can just tell you that the quote is insane, because it is, but I’m assuming you want this car and want to get the best deal possible on it. I haven’t seen a single other thread or quote on an M8 Comp so we can’t just blindly advise on a monthly payment with no other info. Are incentives $0 or $10k? Is there flagship cash? Is MF base or marked to the max? Does the dealer have no adds in the quote or a $5k wear and tear package? Is your tax rate 2% or 10%?

doubt any incentives given it’s not an 850i or even m850i, it’s a full blown M that’s brand new to the market. Flagship cash is possibly how he’s getting the discount. As I said 2 weeks ago 2k a month is what you are gonna pay for this car.

@kdm1230 Not worth it, much better stuff out there for 2k a month, factor in insurance and gas and you are probably 2.5-3k all in. Paying that much for a beefed up 8 series is kinda “meh” when you can get something like an aston martin for roughly the same.

You really keen on paying $90/mo or $2,500 in driveoffs just for the driving school?

For me, I rather get the BMW because it’s easier to swap out of.

Also, I have kids, so the AM doesn’t fit my lifestyle.

The only other M I thought about was the M5.

Yeah they’re blowing it out alright. Blowing it out at Invoice plus some small lease incentive.

Which is actually not bad offer if it’s at buy rate but still that’s a lot of money.

go m5, you will save at least $700/mo.

Honestly panamera turbo might not be bad if you are down to spend 2k on an m8.

They stated to me it’s -3000 under invoice.

Not really. I would have to order one without it. They are willing to make this deal on this car.

for $2500 he could beat on lambos and Ferraris around a track for a day, maybe a weekend if he’s lucky. + instructors so no different from M school. Just use a reputable experience.

It’s in the area of that. Not a bad discount for what it is but these cars aren’t really hackable TBH.

They gave me $1380 per month with $3,000 out of pocket on a $126,000 M5 comp.

It would be my 4th M5. I was looking for a change and when I saw the M8 in person it’s looks the price.

Or I can settle for the i8 for $787 per month for 24 months / 7,500.