Loaner Lease Brand Overviews

It would be helpful (maybe even wikiworthy) to create a thread that compiles the data (or at least links to the threads) regarding different lease programs for different brands.

For example, the BMW thread “BMW New Car Programs (and Retired Loaners with < 5k miles)” is updated monthly by dave to show current residuals, calculations for adjusting residuals, defines which types and years of loaners/demos can be leased, and the manufacturer incentives by model. This is one of the most helpful threads on the forums in my opinion.

I however cannot find this type of information very easily for other brands that allow for leasing on loaner/demo vehicles.

I’d love to create a thread where this is compiled, mostly trying to answer these questions:

  1. Which brands support leases on loaner/demo vehicles?
  2. What are the mileage limits that support the factory residuals by brand?
  3. What years of cars are currently supported by each brand for leases?
  4. What is the money factor for each brand that supports leasing on loaner/demo vehicles?
  5. What incentives are currently being offered by model?
  6. Which brands do not support incentives on the leases on loaner/demo cars?
  7. Which states have the best incentives for each model and brand?
  8. What other incentives are available for brands (fleet, loyalty, graduate, etc.)

If there are threads similar to the BMW thread lets link them up here. Otherwise, maybe we can consider creating them?

This should probably be in the suggestions category and not “ask the hackers”

Agreed should be moved to suggestions.

It’s a group effort, @BMW_Dave 's post is one of the most popular posts because it’s constantly updated. Other fleet/internet sales people should make a similar post to help out. In the mean time Edmunds tends to have a lot of information these topics…

The other issue, is that incentives vary by region with many of the captives, including BMW. Although I use Dave’s info as a guide, I always double check the numbers for my area, as they’ve varied a bit (not always)

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Are there any existing threads for loaners similar to the quality of the BMW thread?

This would be a good topic for Wiki.

There is one, search for “Loaner to Owner”.

I’ve been searching for a thread showing loaner mileage leasing requirements on the manufacture end, ie: bmw less than 5,000, mbenz less than 10,000.

Don’t see one. Maybe we can build on other brand mileage requirements to the overview? Perhaps dealers and brokers want to provide the info with an actual link from the manufacture showing loaner lease requirements.

as @ursus mentioned above…

Not what I had in mind. That turned into a pretty messy thread and still doesn’t address the criteria of loaner requirements per brand. Also I’ve seen service loaners listed on individual dealer websites that do not qualify for leases.

If there was a thread that was along the lines of what I’m talking about is the carfax search. More like a FAQ page that answers “What does qualify as a loaner that can be leased.”

Feel free to start writing it up and it can be turned into a wiki if it’s useful

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