Loaner 330i in TX


Howdy experts,
Thanks to the invaluable advise on this site, I’ve gotten a local TX dealer to 15% off a loaner + 3250 in rebates(OL, Conquest?, and lease cash). Unfortunately, every dealer I’ve called has told me the 2019 3 series has no tax credits. The 5 series and 7 series do. Should I pay the TTL upfront, or just roll it into payment? How does the included gap insurance work? If I roll it in, will gap cover it in the case car is totaled? Everything else on this deal is looking great, but rolling in the tax bumps my payments to ~460 on a 49700 MSRP car. Still alright I guess?

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Roll everything into payment in case of accident.

Yeah no tax credits right now unfortunately.
Roll taxes and do MSD instead.

How many miles on loaner? You could probably crack 17-20% if close to 5K.

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GAP’s included so roll it all in. Texas leases suck without tax credits. You’re paying the tax either way so why not roll it in and avoid the risk

Thank you all for the sanity check! I’m going to try to push the dealer for a higher discount. I’ll report back. Thanks again!

Yeah, my latest hack (440i /M) $70/mo is all tax!! Same with our X2! Only the 5e got a break there…

Hey y’all,

So the dealer bamboozled me (of course). I let them know the 15% off was a good starting point, and I’m coming in to see if we can do better and sign the deal. Once I got there, the 15% off was off the table. After 2 hours of back and forth, they finally honored it. If it ended here, I would have signed and left. Alas, this dealer decided to add .00040 to the MF. To add injury, “BMW has stopped doing MSD for years”. So after wasting all that time, I walked :frowning:

God I wish there was a broker in Texas. The only silver lining is I have the 15% pencil in email. So I’ll use it to reach out to other dealers. Anyone have a particular dealership/sales guy they can recommend? I’ll even go out of state if necessary/feasible.

What dealer was this?

Similar experience here on dealing with bmw dealerships here in Texas this month has been horrible. Same experience all over central and south Texas. In my experience most of the time the dealer discounts have been terrible even on demos.

Yeah big mistake of telling em that 15% was good start. Not a good idea. Where in Texas are you

Where located?

I have a good source. Also, you should be aiming for 20% and if it falls at 15% then that’s where it falls.

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I’m in DFW and this was BMW Dallas. Yeah, I agree the “15% off is a good start” was a rookie mistake. I beat myself over it the minute it left my mouth. On the other hand, they let me walk. So in hindsight, it wasn’t happening either way. Truth be told, my experience in Texas has been most dealers take negotiating like you’re insulting their mothers or something.

Thing is, you can’t just go in there throwing percentages right off the bat… there’s a method to this.


I agree with you… several dealerships basically told me there was no way they could even get close to 15 percent off a demo and one told he had too much pride for the brand to ever do a deal like that. I really felt some car salesmen got personal and were taking offense to me asking for what I thought was a reasonable discount and base MF etc.

As many others have stressed, you should not go in at all until you have a deal. You should handle the negotiations by text or email, not in person.

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Thanks Electric. And of course you’re right. I did not just drop that and act all high and mighty or anything. Their first pencil was 12% off. We went back and forth a bit, and since the car had 4k+ miles we got to 15% off. I think my fatal mistake was going to the actual dealer instead of keeping it phone/email based.

I’m no expert, but I have leased 15+ cars. My last was a TI guilia in '17 from Essence. It was 49kish MSRP and I paid $360 after tax credits. So plenty to learn, but not hopeless (I think… :wink: )

I agree with you, I would only ask for a better discount after their initial weak weak discount they offered and never remotely got to 15 percent.

I feel like DFW is ripe for a leasehackr awakening/dealer war like SoCal market.

So much competition it’s not even funny.


Considering the tax situation and the market size, I’m really surprised at the attitude I see.

I actually had a car salesman tell me and I quote “I have way more pride in the brand to whore it out.” when I asked for a tax credit.