Loaner 2020 BMW 530xDrive- $326 P/month WITH Tax, $956 DAS/$2450MSD

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Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 BMW 530xDrive
MSRP: $ 57,930
Selling Price:$44,727 (22.8%)
Monthly Payment: $326
Drive-Off Amount: $956
MSDS: $2,450
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10000
MF: .00058 (after new January reduction, I was given buy rate of .00086)
Incentives: $4,000 (loyalty, college grade ($1000), Penfed ($500)
Region: Midwest/ IL
Leasehackr Score: 14.8
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

This was a loaner deal worked out with a broker here on the forum who I will not name until they provide me permission to do so, but they were excellent to work with so I am hoping they do agree.

Originally this deal was supposed to be signed on the final day in December, but the dealer was too busy and could not get me in to get the credit app in to lock in the numbers for December. The magnificent broker was able to get them to basically replicate the numbers with the new MF bump and reduction in MSDs etc and honestly may have made it even cheaper than before.

The only issue at first was the dealer being a little reluctant to apply the PenFed, but after telling them that is in fact stackable with the other incentives they were swayed to do it.

Lastly, I will NOT be naming the dealership, but they were local to me in the IL area. Hopefully this information may help someone out.

ps. Going from a 3 series to this 5 series is an insane difference and the car is nothing short of amazing.

I tried to get the calculator to match, I believe that in part of my DAS I paid first month, upfront taxes, and partial gov fees? Which is why I backed out about $380 out of the calc.




Congratulations :beers:

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Well done!

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Crazy how California gets lease support for 2020 bmw’s lol.

Excellent deal

Entire western region, CA, TX, afaik get leasing support.

What about the 5 series are you liking more than the 3?

The driving experience just feels much more different, mind you the 3 series is a 2018. The 3 series loaner I have is pretty bare bones on features, so jumping to this is just awesome. Biggest is roominess up front and the seats on this 5 series just HUG your body amazingly.

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Very interesting, I was negotiating with this dealer on this very model just two weeks ago. I got them down to $469 per month with the max MSD’s but I had no loyalty or college grad rebate. I was eligible for $1,000 conquest, $500 lease cash and $1,000 OL code. Similar amount DAS, although in December the MF .00082 pre-MSD. This was after grinding with them for over a week and sending them several competing quotes about every other day or so. The sales guy I dealt with got somewhat snarky when I kept sending lower quotes, stating “I don’t know how they arrive at that payment, we all deal with similar rebates and incentives and I would like to know how exactly this quote was put together”. I told him it was the DISCOUNT, but he seemed incredulous that this could happen. I wound up going elsewhere when their sales manager said that they could not go below the $469 and that was their final offer and that they had met all my demands, (even though I had never made a demand). I wound up paying $450 a month for a similar model with an MSRP of about $1,000 higher at another local dealership that was wonderful to work with. Just goes to show the brokers are very adept at working dealers absolutely down to the bone, congratulations on a great deal. Your brokers fee was well spent!


Ahh I am sorry to hear that, but I wonder if we have the same dealership because my experience with them when I got there was actually very shockingly quick. They were not there to pull any sneaky ones and it was refreshing because I mentally prepare to go to war when I walk into any dealership.

Hope you’re enjoying your car as much as I am!

Quite sure I have the vehicle, the MSRP, the location and the miles all match up perfectly. I live about three miles from them. Went up north about 20 miles for my lease, so not too far out of the way.

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Actually, doing a quick comparison, it looks like your deal was about $40 per month less than mine, considering the difference in MSRP and the additional rebates you qualified for. To be honest, I had reached the end with these guys and just got “negotiation fatigue” with them. I may not even take mine their for the maintenance. There is another dealer about eight miles away (they had no 2020 loaners left) and I may wind up there for maintenance.

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Depressing ain’t it.

You’re telling me, someone who has actual positive equity in a volvo lease.

Somebody who’s been shopping a car here for months with no luck.

Charger hc market = dead (limited stock + power dollars)

M5/m550 market = :poop::poop:

M3/m4 looks like :poop::poop:

Camaro not enough juice for me sadly, or I would be on that little hype train rn.

Get the Camaro for $300 instead of $1000 for the others and save the $700 for warranty work to cover the mods you added, LOL.


I believe FL still gets support?

I can only comment on what I for sure have learnt in my personal search.

Congrats! I’m glad everything worked out for you on this one. Was a pleasure working with you as well!


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Nice, looks like you may have gotten an even slightly better discount than I did not accounting for the rebates! What was our difference in MSRP, just curious as this 5 series I guess is considered kinda base as it did not have many additions on the window sticker minus heated goodies.

Only thing I wish these damn cars had is remote start :sob: