List of places to sell or value your car online

They are just GMTV in disguise, is that redundancy needed? Or maybe Chad’s buyers are a bit more motivated.

I’ve been getting ghosted on my submissions to GMTV that don’t work with the automated logic. I usually hear back on the WCC submissions in an hour or two. The buyer I’ve worked with isn’t obviously affiliated w/ GMTV, but they do copy Chad on all correspondence.

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Adding CarBravo

Offer on my 2023 Tahoe was below market, but came back fast.


Doesn’t Chad have multiple buyers working for/under him? So by extension they would all be affiliated with gmtv, no?

Unless you’re listing the vehicle for sale on the actual Facebook group.

Is there a working link for their Reviews page? This link doesn’t work for me

Not yet - still waiting for someone to sell to them and create a “Sold one to CarCashNJ” post, to link to it.

Gotcha. Spoke to them today, they just matched ALgo and Carmax, but they seemed very professional and not pushy at all