List of places to sell or value your car online

CL is anonymous, if you get a response written by a 4 year old or something seems off then either do not respond, stop responding, or cancel the listing.

I’ve bought & sold several vehicles over the years on CL. Depending what vehicle it is their may be a group on FB for it that you could post it to. For example I’m in a “Toyota Tacoma Colorado” group that people occasionally list things for sale.

Yeah, you would think FB would be better because there is an account (and potential photo) of each person’s profile, but there is so much crap listed there, it’s frustrating. Not to mention the trend of dealers listing down payment amount only as the price - dramatically increasing the number of entries to wade through when searching for a beater for your child.

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I find FB’s search/filter functions to be pretty bad. Way worse than CL’s. So anything that makes it harder for a buyer to find your car … makes it worse for you as a seller.

And while there are dealers and curbstoners selling as “owner” on CL, it’s worse on FB: people advertising cars on their personal profiles just turn out to be dealers and their employees.


What happened to CarBingo?

I recently completed a private sale of a used car in SoCal, and found FB marketplace to be by far the best. Also listed it on craigslist and but nearly all the inquiries came from FB marketplace. Both the quantity and quality of inquiries were better than FB.

There is lot of filtering you have to do, but from FB marketplace you can click on the person’s FB profile and quickly see if they are legit based on profile description, photos, friends, etc. And you can tell a lot from the person’s messaging. For example, I put in the ad that “If ad is still up, then car is available” yet many people would only ask “Is the car still available?” Easy to ignore those inquiries and not respond.


Where is the best place/best offers to sell an acura lease? I have a 2021 Rdx but looking at buying a Truck. Thanks for any help.

A honda or acura dealer or dealer affiliated with one since honda financial does not allow 3rd party buyouts.

Im curious if these manual appraisals do anything except throw darts on the board. Within 2 weeks, My offer has gone up by 4k and then come down by 6k. All within a span of 14 days…

I have removed this link from the OP due to a clear consensus forming from their reviews here. If anyone wants they can still click the links below.

AllCars (Direct Link || LH Review Thread)


Just a suggestion, but maybe instead of removing bad ones, we group them differently, or add another column for “recommend” status. This way people who discover them on their own know not to bother if they come across this post. Also, if we are pulling the sketchy ones, a few others on this list would fall into my “not recommended” status.

I like notion of “LH Preferred/Recommended”

Ask M&V if they want to give out LH seal of approval :slightly_smiling_face:
Community Preferred/Recommended”?

I’ve gone ahead and updated the table structure using some basic markdown to make it easier to add additional columns, and to just generally clean-up the look. If anyone objects, I can revert.

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looks good. nice work.

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Worth discussing for sure

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I think we can remove the last column because we are not recommending or endorsing anyone here.

well leasehackr isn’t, in and of itself, but the “members” are. maybe it could be retitled to something like ‘Positive Member Reviews’ ‘Members Had Good Experience’ and have a + or * count?

I’m helping a dear friend find a buyer for her father’s car, which he can no longer use due to serious health issues. :frowning:

When I volunteered to help, I wasn’t (and she wasn’t) aware that the car had been in an accident.

I learned this when I made the first attempt to get an offer from a reputable local dealer, and was politely declined because there’s an airbag deployment on the VHR.

Setting aside the diminished value for a moment, should I even bother with the usual suspects above?

I know it doesn’t take a lot of time to copy/paste a VIN and answer some basic questions, but I don’t want to start down that road if it’s just going to be a bunch of dead ends (no offers).

(Car is a 2017 530i with < 7,000 miles, if that matters).

It’s generally the same process in my opinion. A lot of the online players will give you a lower quote since they usually would just send that to auction. Might be able to get more selling to a private party

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Reasonable offers with the diminished value baked in are fine (and expected). I was concerned that I may not get any offers at all.

Private party isn’t an option (the family doesn’t have the time / energy under the circumstances).

The other option is consignment. That’s how I sold my E500 several years ago. I got about 40% more than Carmax offered me, even after the 10% fee.

I know/trust the place I used for consignment before (it’s the indie mechanic that I used for the MB and that I’m using now for my BMW), and her dad’s car is in the same city.

The downside to consignment is that it will take longer, and while we’d most likely get a better price on any given day than from one of the online buyers, that day may be 60 days away - and the market is declining.