Lincoln Navigator Reserve Lease MA - Any thoughts?

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Because way too many people come here with a specific car that they won’t get a good deal on, paying a ton of money that depending on the circumstances will be able to get a much higher end vehicle for that kind of money.

OP commented afterward that he has a big family and needs that big of a car, but that is easy X7 territory, I’d take the X7 over a Navi any day.

Just wanted to see if OP had a good reason/had thought it through.

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I mean your fine, all you had to was x7 and then I couldn’t say anything cause you offered a competitor.

X7 isn’t in the same class in terms of size in my eyes, the x7 2nd and 3rd row lack the legroom of these bigger suvs like escalade, navigator, etc etc.

X7 is the more sleek and better driving suv for sure though… you are not wrong, the navigator drives like a boat and is shaped like a box as are most suvs of this size.


I do appreciate the input and alternative suggestions - I like value for money as well as driving dynamics and the X7 and even the GLS are a better bet in that regard. We’ve spent months test-driving and researching vehicles and the X7, or Q7 (my personal favorite) and most others just doesn’t cut it for us in size simply because as well as the three kids we very often have family here and want to be able to move them all in one vehicle.

After minivan ownership we wanted to move to a car, and the big boxy body-on-frame SUVs are the only ones that seem to work. So yes, I could definitely lease nicer, higher-end cars for this money but if they dont fulfill the specific purpose we are looking for then that would in fact be a waste of money :slight_smile:

But again, I love suggestions of alternatives and advice, allows me to jump down another rabbit hole for a while!


Why not just go all the way and end up with a 15 passenger Sprinter Van? (j/k)

Have you expanded your search out of state? Multiple dealers? Maybe get a couple to bid back and forth to get a bit more off the MSRP? There has to be some more meat left on that bone!

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My point was more that you seem to have a reoccurring theme in your posts of very high lease offers. This is usually a result of going to dealers and asking them for a quote rather than going in prepared with what the price should be. If you always ask dealers what they want you to pay, you’re going to continue to get price quotes that are in their best interest.


So I’m making some progress on this deal but I’m struggling to come out with the same monthly payments with the lease calculator as the dealer. I’ve attached the deal sheets for two cars here - Maybe I’m missing something? Perhaps something in the cap cost reduction each car has about $1500 in rebates. Also $123/mo of the payment is excise tax in MA which I’m taking out for the purposes of the leasehackr calculation (i/e I’m just adding $123 to the number the calculator throws out).

Once I’ve figured this out I’ll go back to them with a final offer

Any thoughts from the math stars appreciated!

How often would you use the third row ? Another way to look at this is whether your need for comfortable third row is worth extra $300+ a /month.

Nav seats are the best though!

Instead of pushing a Navigator-sized boulder uphill, your time and energy is probably better spent finding a better Pacifica deal than what you were first quoted.

Or finance a Sienna with the business-class style heated captains chairs with footrests. Built-in vacuum, refrigerated icebox, AWD, best resale value and reliability in class, and arguably better third row seating than a Navigator plus unquestionably better egress and ingress.



I was in the same place a year ago, ended up buying given it was not the best deal, get that MF down, [quote=“Mike_Ezginder, post:27, topic:302191”]
How often would you use the third row ? Another way to look at this is whether your need for comfortable third row is worth extra $300+ a /month.

Nav seats are the best though!

Spent a weekend with an X7 myself, thinking for sure that was it… Drove a Ford Expedition Max Platinum and never looked back, I could not justify the premium for the Navigator Black label, same platform, outfitted different… I’ve owned over a dozen BMWs and still drive an M760 so definitely wanted the X7 but it’s quite a bit less room, you are right it’s a personal question as to how often he needs it, in my case would have been very frustrated if I went X7 route knowing there was a better option…

We would have to wait 16 weeks to factory order a 2021 Pacifica, very few on the lots these days. The X7 is definitely too small. 2021 Yukon Denali same issues as the Nav with leasing. Just hate the way the Sienna looks

I realize there are a bunch of other options that make better financial sense, and we have spent 6 months arriving at the conclusion that this is the car we want (or rather, my wife has). My sole job at this point is to get to the best deal I can.

Well have you thought about financing?

Just a suggestion, 72 month 1.9% offer currently for used black labels, but if you really want this bullet, bite it or you’d need to find a compromise.

You are right just find the best overall discount (markups, add ons, etc) in Mass or go elsewhere and enjoy.

The sienna doesn’t have better 3rd row seating, I think the best competitor in this case is the yukon, seems like you crossed the escalade off.

A van will probably be more mom friendly but if you drive through any snowy weather the navigator is the clear winner, it sits on the f150 platform.

While it won’t 100% perform like a pickup truck it has about 10 inches of ground clearance so it will take care of most situations, sometimes better than the truck because there is some weight in the back of the navigator versus the truck’s empty bed.

But I think financing a used one is a better idea, I’m not going to comment or assume your financial situation but I was aware of LH when we were pulling quotes for the navigator and they or rather my mom really wanted it so we just grinded the deal down and got it, it was really a matter of just finding the best deal, they didn’t debate it, just told me to go get the best deal possible.

Seems like you are on the fence still from reading this thread.

That’s kind of the target of what Lincoln wants, customers who don’t mind paying msrp or getting a small discount, I ended up getting it from a dealer who had a bunch of them and was trying to get rid of the excess inventory, they had sold a bunch of orders at msrp.

You can get at least 5% off MSRP before rebates/incentives. My local dealer has all of their Navigator inventory publicly listed at 5% off before rebates/incentives.

If this is the car you must have, my thoughts would be to make sure you’ve unearthed every possible incentive. Do you qualify for A plan pricing? Have you been able to get any targeted mailers? Do you qualify for the $1000 conquest? Are you getting the $1000 bonus cash? First Responder/Medical Pro or Student? Otherwise you seem to have good control of the deal.

On the other hand, if you are open to looking at other vehicles… You could get into a 2020 Ford Expedition Limited for about half the payment. Or you could get into a 2021 Chevrolet Suburban Premier for a few hundred less. Neither of them are Lincolns tho…


2nd the vote for expedition, op seems heavily on the fence.

Expedition would cut his payment in half and still serve the function, it’s the same platform, the expedition has the f150 interior, the navigator has its own interior.

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I’ll jump on the expedition limited with second row captains seat train as well.

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I am almost 1 year into my 2019 Ford Expedition Max and couldn’t be happier. I was in the same boat as you last year and found the Expedition to be best value for the $ in that category…was coming off 2 Suburban’s before that. You can find some great trim levels on the Exp Max to get the same functionality of the Nav just not as refined. Here is my deal check from last year to give you idea what I was able to find in NY

Thanks everyone for the thoughts. We are pretty much decided although for posterity’s sake we may go check out the Expedition on Monday before pulling the trigger.

As I’d mentioned a few posts ago, where I really need help is figuring out why I get a different monthly payment number when I plug the deal details into the leasehackr calculator. If anyone has any thoughts please do let me know. From the numbers listed in the attachments, $123/mo needs to be deducted as that is the MA excise tax.

Once I’ve figured this out I’ll make my final offer to the dealership

If you like the expedition then also check out an SLT Yukon. A loaded one is only 65k (leather, air con seats, dual rear TVs, birds eye camera…). Huge improvement over the old model.

Also not sure how you get one but I received this in the mail a few days ago. I’d give it to you but says it’s not transferable outside my household.

It looks like you have posted 3 different deals in this thread, all with different MSRPs. It’s very hard to make sense of any of them as you are just pasting deal sheet pics. I can’t tell if you are in MA or NY or if a dealer is in MA and you are in NY or what. You don’t even share a calculator with the delta you are trying to explain.

All of the deals are pretty bad, but you seem insistent to buy this car. So you are shopping the car, not the deal. I highly doubt the dealer is miscalculating the lease. If you suspect the dealer is marking up the MF, ask them if they are. Since you should qualify for the same rebates across all dealers, the only thing to negotiate is the pre-incentive discount.

Otherwise, focus on only one vehicle and share the a calculator that shows the issue.