Lincoln Navigator Reserve Lease MA - Any thoughts?

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Sigh. So this is what the wife has decided she wants. Beautiful car but spendy. First shot from the dealer is as follows for 36/12:

MSRP: $90,550
Discount: $2176
Rebates: $1500
Cap Cost: $86,874
Residual: 59% ($53,424)

MA sales tax is $6.25%

APR 4.56% (according to Edmunds base MF is 3.56 I believe)

Monthly Payment: $1412, sign and drive

Note This includes MA exicse tax, which they role into the monthly payment as opposed to us having to pay an annual lump sum, equates to $116.05 so the actual monthly inc. tax is $1296.

I’m thinking that going back and asking for another $2-3k off the car and base MF is probably as good as Im going to get

Any thoughts appreciated!

I don’t have any input on the deal, but there are much nicer cars out there for $1400/month.


So then why comment? Please find me another 3 row suv that can seat full sized adults in all 3 rows with ease and still have space for cargo, escalade, yukon, expedition, etc etc are really your only options. Escalade + navigator are $1100/mo+

Discount garbage, you need to start shopping across the country and then have local dealers compete with that offer, if they don’t just pay for the shipping.

I don’t remember the exact specifics as far as numbers go but we were well below invoice when the navigator was brand new and we ended up paying $1300/mo for a black label w/all options checked (100k), Discount was circa 10% w/no incentives… (don’t know if they offer an incentive atm.

Pretax was circa $1180

Also I would definitely test drive this vehicle and get as comfortable as you can and see how you really like it.

It is deceptively larger than it looks and can
become quite an annoyance in tight parking spaces, one of the reasons they ended up transferring out was due to it having trouble maneuvering around hospital parking garages/ finding large open spaces.


Yes the issue is 3 kids, 2 adults and usually a grandparent means its either minivan or something like this. Don’t like the escalade much, wife has test-driven the navigator extensively and likes it. Its either that or a Chrysler Pacifica :slight_smile:

Problem right now seems to be that inventory is slim, and cars (all higher-end brands) seems to be selling like hot-cakes, I guess due to pandemic shortage. We briefly looked at the Kia Telluride before concluding it was way too small and the dealers wanted ~$5k OVER MSRP!!!

I just got an offer from another dealer with a an ~$8k discount, and the correct 3.56% money factor, if you take the excise tax out of the payment thats around $1150/month inc. tax, nothing down. Getting better!!

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Lincoln leases bring grown men to tears.


Never thought I’d say this but I’d rather take the Pacifica


Or 3 of them? :grin:


Best lease I could get on a Pacifica 2020 AWD was $686/mo, 2021 is pricier, not sure its gonna lease that great either, so maybe only two of them :slight_smile:

Might look at the GMC Yukon Denali also

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Navigator and aviator have been on fire since they came out, I think it’s starting to die down as the generation ages but covid has extended that fire a bit.

Yeah with that many people the navigator makes sense.

Keep grinding the deal, you can do a bit better though $1150/mo without excise tax is a solid offer.

Benefits of the black label include massaging seats, 21 speakers, lincoln coming out and picking up your car to service it and leaving you with a loaner. (Big help if you are a working professional and a mom, not so much for home makers I guess though.)


Is an X7 too small? I don’t think the dimensions are too far off. I don’t know if you’ve test driven one of those.

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If you go with the Pacifica, it is better to finance than lease one, IMO. We only have 2 kids, but needed additional seating for 2 adults (when my in-laws visited). 3 years ago, after test driving a few reasonably-priced 3-row SUVs, my wife went with the Pacifica Touring L. She loves it. It is financed, btw.

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I would love the black label but the entire car will be coated in cheerios in a week anyway so no point in upgrading the interior. The cars we are looking at are specced with the luxury package which includes the massaging seats and for 2020s they are including the pickup/drop-off/loaner service, which I was surprised but happy about!

Third Row in the X7 is tight. We could fit all 3 kids in the 3rd row of the Nav, but not the X7. And the seats in the Nav are ridiculously comfortable. Best seats I’ve sat in hands-down.

The Navigator is a fantastic vehicle. No one is knocking the car itself. They just tend to be expensive to lease. With that said, only you know your financial situation and the joy the vehicle will bring. If the Navigator is what everyone likes, then I say go for it and have a few dealers bid against the other!

Been looking for that as well, There is a shortage of them and prices suck

2021 Yukon Denali with Costco is a good cheaper alternative. If you have supplier even better.

X7 with captains chairs. Boom!

The seats were awesome, we went with the chalet destination theme I think, red/maroonish interior.


If you feel comfortable with the navigator go ahead and grind it down, if the payment has you a little uncomfortable the Expedition would be significantly cheaper, do the same job and be durable enough to handle some “messy situations.”

Have you considered making an offer on a vehicle rather than asking the dealer how much they want you to pay?

2021 Yukon Denali is stickering around $80-83k and is brand new. Not that much less than the Nav I’m guessing they wont lease that great, even with the $1k Costco incentive…?

You’ll have to run the calculator with this months numbers but when I ran them a few months back it was about 1k pre tax. Just checked and it looks like they took away loyalty/conquest which was more than Costco so it might be a net negative.