Life without blind-spot assist

Any non-blind spotters out there that want to convince me I don’t need it haha?

i’m here to convince you that you need it. :neutral_face:


You could try first using your horn when you change lanes. If that doesn’t work use the finger.


I feel like you need it if you don’t have a good driving position/mirror adjustment :joy: other than that they do nothing for me…


i think it depends on how much of a jack you drive. i am lead foot and change lanes a lot here in lovely socal 4mph traffic. so id prefer to have it. i probably wouldnt need it in rural texas.


HAHA. +1

@chevysalesgirl I drive 15 minutes to my office every morning at 6 a.m on a two lane “highway” and there’s maybe 12 cars on the road going the same direction as me throughout the entire trip haha. But I think on probably two occasions during my 3 year lease that it may have helped me not take an aggressive change.

My dilemma is a non-driver assistant plus leftover 17 BMW deal that is slowly convincing me I can make the sacrifice (wow "sacrifice: how awful that sounds aloud.)

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My wife had it in a Rogue last year. We both hated it. Half the time it would go off for no apparent reason, which scares the shit out of you more trying to figure out what is going on.


I’ve never had it and probably wouldn’t pay a premium for it. I’m pretty good at positioning and checking my mirrors, and barring the random idiot who hangs back in the blind spot and stays there (usually with high beams or xenons) I’m OK without it.

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Blockquote i’m here to convince you that you need it. :neutral_face:

I think BLIS, LKA and ACC are mandatory once you get the hang of 'em.

Car that has big blind-spots = blind-spot assist.

Car without big blind-spots = no blind-spot assist.

Did that make it easier for you?


I don’t think it’s as much “a need” as once you have had it, used it and have gotten used to it, you would probably miss it for a bit and then just re-adapt to the ole school looking to check your blind spot before making a lane change. If it were otherwise a great deal, personally I wouldn’t see it as a deal breaker. Good luck with your decision.

The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) published a paper in 1995 suggesting how outside mirrors could be adjusted to eliminate blind spots:

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the main reason I’d want blind spot assist is for traffic when its dark. I don’t have it, but thats when it be the most useful to me.

You a pro driver ape

BMW, in their infinite wisdom, doesn’t even offer blind spot on their X1 and X2 models. Think about it… the two models designed for the younger, entry level customer who is likely getting a college grad discount… and they don’t offer blind spot detection!? BMW has really lost their way.


I find it insane that it’s not even standard on a 2017 x3 without adding $2k in options. My wife won’t consider a car without blind spot since she’s had it in cars going back to 2012, so in the search for an x3 having to throw out like 2/3 of the listings because of no BLIS

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I’d imagine it’s beneficial for insurance purposes up to a point too? But how much are we talking versus paying through the nose for an option package?

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If you really have your mirrors adjusted properly, as explained in the article tonyg sent, you do not have blind spots. I have been doing that for many years after I encountered the paper cited in that article - it took some getting used to, but doing that will increase most driver’s safety more than a BLIS will. If you are unwilling to do that, I’d say you should opt for BLIS.

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Yes there is no reason to be looking at the side of your car in your side view mirrors. I would hope you already know your car is there!

So I don’t need it but traffic is not a big issue in Central Virginia.

Nope still struggling.