Life after EQE/EQS deals

Bad point about EQ AMG is you frequently find yourself driving at 70+ mph on local roads unknowingly and launching at every traffic light.

Newbies who joined the forum over the last 3-4 years probably look at the EQ mania as a once-in-a-lifetime unfathomable firesale. These kinds of deals were abundantly common from 2016-2019 and only hiccupped when the pandemic hit. There’ll be plenty more deals between now and when your EQ lease is up. Just enjoy the car and quit sweating what comes next.


So drive a different EV? Why lug around a ICE powertrain and maintain it for no real reason?

On my EQE AMG I can’t tell the difference between sport and sport+, I normally only use sport+, really don’t see the point of sport mode when there’s a sport+ mode. However, suspension wise I used to have an EQE 500 with airmatics and difference is quite pronounced. Much less body roll and car is a lot more grounded when taking tight turns at higher speed.


Did your EQE 500 have 21”s?

Does Airmatic really make a huge difference? I’m assuming 19”s without Airmatic might be similar to 21”s with Airmatic.

Mine has Airmatic with 21”s, but not sure how much of a difference it actually makes since I haven’t driven any other variants of an EQ.

Yes eqe 500 21” with airmatics, airmatics is required for 21” wheels.

For my Amg eqe it’s also 21” wheels. Handling definitely better vs eqe 500. I feel like sports+ is just additional power and different sound vs sports. Suspension there’s not much difference. On Amg eqe the suspension is lowered in sports or sports+.

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I’ve seen some concept-car-like photos. Have you seen any pics of what the production model will look like?

Is it true that sport is lowered -1 and sport plus is lowered -2?

From what i read it’s 0.6 inches in sports and sports+

Not really. The photos I have seen online are either pre-production models or with camouflage.

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What I’ve seen so far looks promising.

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