LH Business Model Ideas

Moving the jest turned serious/productive conversation from Leasehackr Meme Lounge:

If we sell it would you all stay?

EDIT: @littleviolette’s response: We do not intend to sell.


How much? :grin:


People don’t stay. It’s human nature.

Optimize for now, inflection points are usually only noticed once they are passed.

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From a business perspective that shouldn’t matter. Whoever buys it will have their own admins and checks and balances. In the end, nothing lasts forever.

  1. As time goes on and everything stays the same, you will lose and gain people but overall it will still Peter off.

  2. If you sell it and people don’t like the new system, people will leave. But they will still eventually leave even if the new system is good. See # 1.

If you have an investor or buyer, it’s worth considering. Founders might as well get paid.


I believe all RV purchases have been far larger audiences, no ? But you also have income streams from brokers donations etc

The problem as I see it is growing the audience without annoying existing users who feel like they are “spoon feeding “ there has to be a way to incentivize semi casual users to engage without getting screamed down.

Perhaps get some LH’s to write more intro posts and deep dives on different aspects of leasing and start threads discussing them, like newbie threads.

Just my 2 cents


Data on iqs are showing the dumbing down of society. With more tech there less critical thinking. This forum still provides plenty of good deals that people wouldn’t otherwise obtain or have data points to try and obtain. People 3 years ago did the same thing when trying to negotiate. They printed my deals and brought them right to my own dealers many times. They did the same with stelvio and bmw deals too

The market is going to fall and discounts will come back. America is still somewhat capitalist and the way dealers are franchised encourages competition. As long as that remains there will be opportunity to hack.

The last few years have just been tough on the entire industry


RV has bought much more than they’ve announced–including lots of sites and blogs with smaller audiences than I’d imagine LH has. That is all I will say about them.

But my point is not that RV is the exact answer–selling and selling now is.

Not sure if you should sell or not, but this forum provides a lot of valuable info, in the form of dialogue between members. The Macan/ EQS mania definitely gave the forum a bad rep but most deals are not this unique.

Also selling the forum could impact a lot of the brokers here. Not sure but I’m guessing they make a decent portion of their income here. In turn, the quick and easy deals will go, in turn hurting the community

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All of your points indicate selling is the move.

Besides, the smartest brokers have all moved on to building things that will transcend this one simple website. The others are not serious. Easy come, easy go. Building an empire on land you don’t own is a fool’s errand.


Seems to me selling the forum would provide little now to what it could if the leasing market comes back and actual deals follow.

Not sure anyone would be willing to pay for the name leasehackr when 80% of deals are buys these days.

It’s like selling tech stocks now after you’re down 75%


Media multiples are not based on fundamentals, they are based on emotion and perception and ego.

So exactly the same as tech stonks?


Cash out while you still can.

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I think I speak for nearly all of us when I say, I sincerely appreciate LH. It’s been a tremendous opportunity both personally and professionally.

We’ve all been along for the journey of leasehackr, to leaseflippr to whatever this is now.

I can’t comment on the current value of LH but but I really do believe the platform could be a long-term sustainable business.

I think it’s very clear from the start of this year that 23’ is going to offer many opportunities to hack deals.

There are many dealers that are entering distressed inventory levels and that’s probably going to continue through some part if not all of 24’.

Perhaps it’s not going to be the 2019 equivalent but we’re never going back there anyways, so it’s an irrelevant metric to compare against.

I think as the car market gets more restrictive in the coming years, a platform like this will only increase in value.

Regardless, I’d like to think that most of us want you to do what’s best for you two.


It may even get better this or next year, no?

You know the funny thing is is that I don’t necessarily believe leasing cars in the 2018-2019 sense is the way forward.

We are now just entering the start of the next shortage. Over the next 2 to 3 years we’re going to see a massive hole in the used market which can’t be filled.

That can have a lot of different effects on the retail market. But I personally think used car values are going to stay high and flipping / not taking leases to term it’s going to become more “normal”.

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Interesting. So now they overcompensated for the shortage (Volvo!), but will go back to not having enough supply?

Just to kind of piggyback on my last post.

This is probably not a very wise thing for me to say but leasehackr is not leasebrokr.

It’s probably become a little too commercial and become a bull horn for those only seeking monetary gain.

The value of this platform is allowing people the creativity to find a deal that works for them.

Whatever you choose to do with LH, now or in the future should solely be in yours and @michael (s) best interests.


Brokers also provide valuable data points for people that don’t want to pay for someone to put it together. I’ve always said at the end of the day the goal here is to get to the lowest possible price. And we need as many data points to get there, solicited or not