LF feedback on good starting point from the first batch of offers. FL '19 xc60 t6 awd

The Initial cap cost reduction includes $2k of “lease bonuses” from volvo.

It’s an XC60 T6 AWD.

Not sold that this is that great of a deal; dealer is being not very transparent about what “total initial fees” are. Some help to guide this noob would be so appreciated. Dealer also “didnt know what an MSD” is.

edit: 36/12

I rotated the picture so others will not have to bend their necks to read it. :wink:


I suggest you update the title with the make and model and state to get better feedback.

The acquisition fee isn’t called out, so either part up the upfront fees or they repurposed line 14 since it’s the right amount ($995). I assumed the $995 initially was just add-on dealer crap like etched windows which you would decline but they may say it’s already installed. Obviously you need that breakdown to even consider it.

Also, rule of thumb here is never to put any money down especially with such a low MF since you are borrowing money almost for free.

On a side note, I hope you don’t plan on posting a bunch of dealer quotes and expect help. Do the legwork on your side including searching the forum, reviewing relevant posts, and come back with 1-2 strong quotes you like feedback on before pulling the trigger.

You may be better off hiring @Bostoncarconcierge especially since he local and always has deals on Volvos.



I think this member is in FL but appreciate you thinking of me!

Sorry! Read too many posts this morning and remember seeing MA in one of them.

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I’m shit at titles, this one should be better.

I completely agree; the dealer pushed super hard for $1750 down and wouldn’t give me a good reason why when I asked for $0 or first month DAS.

I had no intention of posting a bunch of them, I was just trying to see the worst parts of this one as I thought it was the best one. Then I’ll go back to the dealers I’ve been talking with for round 2.

In consideration, I thought this was the best of the 8 or so quotes I’ve shopped for so far. Mostly because of the generous MSRP reduction, even if it did include $2k of volvo incentives.

I need to get more clarity from these dealerships ><

Thanks a lot m8.

Not at all! Like the shoutout

Interesting how they’re doing all the fees.

For FL, I see $995 as the standard Dealer Fees that are unavoidable. Looks like they placed that in the “ETCH” field. The Volvo acquisition fee looks to be $695

I plugged it all into the calculator and here is what I got:

I pulled incentives, MF, Residual from Edmunds.

Honestly, looks like you’re not too far off, if that includes first month payment, all fees, acquisition fee in the drive off cost.

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oh wow, thanks for doing this!!

They said they rolled in the incentives into the MSRP reduction. The calc is a bit worse when I take them out, but also thanks for the info about the $695

Still not 100% following what they are doing as the calcuator is $70/month less with slightly higher down. as you mentioned the $1k rebate is baked into the discount, and we don’t really know what they are charging for the acquisition unless it’s broken out as Volvo dealers are known to mark it up but assume it’s part of that $1,500.

Weird they show 2,300 DAS but you only putting $1,750 so not sure what happens to that $607.

I sent email last night asking for clarification of those exact points Britten. If they don’t respond, well, I’ll go as far as Orlando :slight_smile:

Edit: rereading, I think that 607 is first month’s payment.

I was thinking the same thing but the amount isnt exact, odd to show it pretax, nor are you actually paying it with the money down.

Dealers go out of their way to make these calculators difficult to interprete and luckily for them a majority of the people only look at the monthly payment. Image mortgage quotes didn’t include the ARP?

It is $995 as of January


I see what you were saying now about strong quotes: takes forever to get one. I dumped the store in the original quote after they wouldn’t disclose fees stating “Trade secrets.” No joke. 5 days later and a ton of emails later, I think the grind might be coming to an end.

I got one dealer where I don’t think I can ask for anything more; though I’m having a little bit of trouble getting the numbers in the calculator accurately. I think it’s because they’re rolling in almost everything but the $2,400 MSD’s and first month’s payment. It’s a T5 FWD instead of a T6 AWD. I can’t quite replicate the $589/month. I sent an email asking for a better breakdown of the $1287.50 in fees.

Calc here:

And deal image here:

Car’s been sitting on their lot for a little over 4 months with 4 price reductions. I guess nobody likes Red with a white interior!

In general, the price reductions mean very little, I think. They mostly reflect the changing Volvo incentives on purchase and not the actual dealer discount. But may show the changing dealer’s discount also.

Residuals on the T6 AWD is much better than on the T5 FWD (I believe 4%!). You may want to reconsider going back to at least AWD.

Yeah definitely thinking about it, waiting on another quote just cuz the RF goes from .51 to .53 (maybe .54). Makes a pretty big difference once you get into the mid to high 50’s.

2% difference, but MF is lower on T5 FWD. So it’s a wash. T5 FWD MOM/Inscr have lowest RVs and lowest MFs.

Yep, I gotta put down like the full 10 MSD if I want to get MF close (on t6/awd), and even then, it never goes to to basically 0 APR. It’s like 0.5%, which is still almost free money…

Not sure what MF you get. On T6 MOM it’s 0.00052 and with 10 MSDs it’s 0.00002. On T5 FWD Inscr it is 0.00024, so you can only do 4 MSDs for 0.00004