Lexus ux deal check


Hey guys located in Florida. Shopping for either a Lexus ux or cla. For now these are the numbers I’ve negotiated with the dealer. Does this seem like a good deal? I also asked for MF but they haven’t provided that yet. Thank you

In the sea of numbers your dealer has provided you to create the illusion of transparency, your dealer has not indicated a selling price. Not a good sign. Where can I find the selling price?

They quoted 29,900 on another paper.

They also just provided MF of .0001

How does that compare with buy rate?

One should never talk to a dealer about numbers until after they know what a good deal is. Going in blind just sets you up for failure.

I didn’t ask for buy rate.

Selling price is 29,900

That should be part of your research before talking to a dealer, so you have something to compare the rate they’re charging against. Otherwise, how are you supposed to know if they’re marking up the financing charge?

Thank you for the tip, so I should research what buying interest rate is?

You should step back from talking to dealers at all until after reading through all the leasing101 and doing a bunch of research on how a lease is structured, etc.

You should know exactly what deal you want, based in the current leasing programs that apply to you and competitive pre-incentive discounts before talking to a dealer.

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Step 1: Verify MF, RV and incentives at Read this on how to do it. Come back and post what you learned.

Step 2: Review Lexus posts here (you won’t find many UX deal posts so look for any model Lexus posts) and learn about a concept called “pre-incentive discount”.

Step 3: Go look at Lexus broker deals on UX and see how yours stacks up.

Good luck.

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Awesome thank you guys for all the help

Here’s the closest I can get to your Calc. I believe the minor discrepancy is Florida’s county discretionary tax, so I adjusted the cap reduction (down payment) to reflect the up-front tax, but its pretty close.

Definitely listen to others who tell you to read up and confirm rebates, RV, and MF with Edmunds. However, I believe the lease cash # is correct, and the MF is almost as low as it can get (0.24%). I can’t confirm the RV, but I believe it is in line with other current Lexus models in the low 50s (Dealers tend to not fudge with the RV, as they don’t set it themselves, but confirm the 52%)

At 10.5% pre-incentive and the fact that you’re leasing at close to 0%, this isn’t bad in the current market. FL dealer fees are always killer, but they haven’t stuck you with any add-ons.

If it’s the car you want, go for it.