Lexus RX 350 or Lexus NX 200t Deals?!

I need help… still shopping good lease deals for small/midsize SUV.

What an anyone tell me about the Lexus Lexus RX 350 or Lexus NX 200t deals available.

I need some ammo before I head in to negotiate.

Thoughts!? Thanks in advance!

Lexus’s December to Remember event starts November 1st.

Last year’s offer included complimentary first payment among other incentives, so we should know this year’s deal in a few days.

I’m also looking at the NX 200t.

Yup. Lexus told us to come back in first week on November for great deals.

Do you remember what the other incentives were for last years December to Remember?

Any info on the December to Remember promos?

Also looking for residuals, MF for a 2016 Lexus NX

the mf and residual for lexus is really bad right now. I think you better wait, as I am is waiting too.

The 16s almost gone, the 17s just hit the lot–Not much discount. Yet the 17 residual is not much beter than 16.

looks for input, trying to move on this today or tomorrow
2016 nx 200t awd
MSRP: 44533
Sell Price: 37863
Residual: 26719
MF: .0021 (or .00138 with 3825 MSDs)
2000 down(covers taxes and fees) in NJ

$469/month no MSD
$415/month w/ MSD

good? is the MF correct?

Standard MF should be .00190 for a 2016

Either you have bad credit or 1st time byer, bc you about to get ripped off with those mf figures. Bad deal…

not a first time buyer, my credit is 820. this was all over phone and asked dealer for the MF. thats what i was told. as to NOT get ripped off is the point of my question. so thanks…

is MF set by dealer or OEM. can a dealer mark up the MF?

MF is set by bank, and dealer can mark up MF.

so .0019 should be the starting point for a 2016 awd at 10k/36m, any MSDs should be lowering it below that. what are the total MSDs allowed and what $ gets how much MF off?

Ask them for base MF 0.00190 stack that with 9 MSDs - your new MF should be 0.00118. See if they can meet that. Otherwise, you might need to shop more at different dealers.

I ran into a same situation at one dealer, he said he gave me 2500 discount on top of what ever the price that he gave me~10k off msrp. Then he marked up the MF. I caught him and he walked away :unamused:. Shady people!!

Ps: ask them to break down the fees.

Sometimes it’s not a bad idea to let them mark up MF, but get a bigger discount in return. You will get a better monthly payment and they make some money also.

I dont my think so, that is cheating! For example, they said they will give you 2500 off, but right away get that back with the MF. I would rather deal with someone come out and be straight forward with me-- this is the best they can offer, it is my decision to take it or not. I don’t need the illusion that I am getting a big discount, but in the reality it doesn’t even exist.

Lots of people dont know about lease terms and will fall into that trap, lot of people will shop with monthly payments with what they can able to afford and overlook at what is a real deal.

If they make an initial offer with the base mf, then come back with a bigger discount and a higher mf, then yeah that is pretty shady.

But if they start off with the marked up mf, and end up offering a huge discount, some dealers won’t budge on the mf on the basis that they are already offering a good deal.

I don’t think it’s cheating if they offer a lease for $300/mo and buy rate, and then come back with $250/mo and marked up MF. I only care about my payments and don’t really care how they get there as long as I get what I want.

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Why dont they just give me a straight up number that they can sell the car without the mf mark up? I will take that deal instead of going around and around and the number end up being the same. For example: real car discount is 7500 off msrp. They said they give me 10,000 instead. But mark up the mf to take those 2500 different back. That is back to square 1!
Just like you shopping they said buy 1 get 1 50% off. Do the math that is 25% off each item, but you have to buy 2! Marketing illusion IMO. I dont like to take to a ride when make a car purchases.

$50 different is 1800 for 36 mo. Do you think they just give it to you like that without hidden it somewhere in the deal such as dealer fees? :cold_sweat: especially if you roll the fees into the deal to get true 0 drive off. You are paying huge interest on all of that.

At the end of the day, dealer can only sell you the car as much to make profit, so cut the chase and tgo straight to that point instead of using marketing illusion tricks.

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