Lexus NX... Good deal?

Want to sign the following offer: North Carolina, 2016 Lexus NX200t, premium Pkg, driver assist, MSRP 41363, $414mo out door, 39/10k, $1k down at signing. Good deal?

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in general this is a good deal. any time your lease payment is about 1% of the MSRP of the vehicle you are in good shape (assuming as little down as possible). In your case this is not much.

@gotcourtney any reason why you’re doing 39 mo lease vs 36 mo?

Without delving into the details, that sounds like a great deal. Luxury SUVs are very hot right now, and generally won’t have much of a discount. $414/mo including tax and $1,000 drive-off is excellent.

With a 2016 Lexus NX, you should be able to get 10% off MSRP. Verify what is the price of the car they are giving you!

If you are going to accept the deal put as a pre-condition that (for the same price) it includes all Lexus maintenance (Lexus only includes the first 6 months) and the wear and tear Lexus warranty. It worked for me in FL. Both combined are about $1,200+

If you can afford it, put money towards a security deposit. MSDs will lower your MF and decrease your monthly payment. Use the Leasehackr calculator and you’ll see by how much!

Hi Hackrs,
Got a deal on hand on loaded Lexus NX 200T 2017 with Navigation and Premium package

Term - 36 months
MSRP - 44,110
Rebates - 3,800

Down - 3,000 + 1,500 ( trade in)
Residual - 25,583

For 36 Months/ 12K miles… I have been given quote of 355 with MSD

Any thoughts? Need to close this by tomorrow…

Go to another dealer, I did 333 w/ 5249 at signing (3600 in msds). 36/10, includes 8.75 tax and california registration. MSRP 43k

Any good Deal on DFW on Lexus NX hybrid this memorial day ?