Less heavy SUVS!?!

Well this would suck. Have to hope the big 3 lobby hard.

The real risk would be targeting 179 as a way to hurt these sales.

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They should just come out and say it already, They want us all driving a trabant.


I was hoping for an adobe:


Why would you not want this? The less people driving huge monstrous cars, the safer we will all be.


I don’t see any satay that supports that. Pickups are involved in the most accidents but they also make up the majority of vehicles on the road.

This is just pushing their “green” agenda. It has nothing to do with safety.


“Speed Kills”

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Even if heavy vehicles were just as likely as small vehicles to hit things (which is not the case, as data shows they’re more likely to hit things), physics tells us they will cause more damage.

In the weight arms race between the human body and vehicles, the human body has not been keeping up.


Speed kills exponentially, mass kills linearly.


I’d argue that sudden deceleration is a bigger problem.

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Physics is finally useful in life!!! I guess my teacher’s don’t lie about needing it in the future

Vehicles are safer then ever. That’s what the data shows as technology advances that trend will continue regardless of the size of the vehicle.

The uptick in fatalities in the last 5-8 years is 100% cell phone related. They should be disabled while driving imo. That’s something I would support big govt to get behind, the insurance agencies already are but that’s purely out of greed not welfare.


How can we say it’s 100% cell related when the IIHS literally has evidence that big cars are hitting things and people more often?

Bc we had large cars in the early 2000s also…what we didn’t have is text messaging and people glued to their phones. The new generation driving has had a cell since their early life and it’s basically an extension of their meat suit


I prefer driving in a full size suv then a sedan and I know I have a higher chance of surviving in an suv then a sedan. More people are killed in sedans from Suv from what I remember.

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One of the training slides at work showed that apple carplay/android auto created a more distracted driver than being drunk or high. I personally wish that stuff didn’t work while a car was moving. I’m sick of seeing cars coming at me with the driver looking down/over to a screen and drifting towards my lane.


Prefer that at least it’s hands free. I’d imagine that actually saved lives over people using their phone in hand while driving

I only use the screen while stopped but if it was voice only while moving “hey siri blah blah” then I think it would be safer because at least you are mostly looking up.

I feel like people holding and talking on the phone was less dangerous than a touch screen that you have to totally look away from the road to interact with but I have no data showing that. Of course, someone texting while driving by hand is probably the worst in terms of safety.

Hands free isn’t safer. It’s all a distraction and there are studies to back this up.

I still think CarPlay is Satan’s spawn as it is so glitchy and distracting. Looking away for a second or two is a major distraction. Modern hands-free driving system like BlueCruise could help but I suspect they will be abused.

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Would suck? This is absolutely necessary change. 179 is a joke and blatantly used for tax fraud to subsidize g wagons and random other luxury vehicles. They should be explicitly excluded bc obviously no one is actually buying a g wagon for business purposes. No you don’t get to claim “ reputation “ or “appearance “ as business needs. Otherwise I need an m3 so I look like a professional, government please subsidize me.

We absolutely should significantly tax large SUV and needlessly large vehicle purchases. Mom of 2 doesn’t need a Tahoe or Escalade just so she can feel safe when she decides to play bumper cars.

We absolutely should seek to reduce size of vehicles on road esp as heavy EVs become more common. It’s hard to not see extremely fast accelerating heavy cars such as the hummer as anything other than risk. A 9000 lb car that can get to 60 mph in 3 seconds. What could go wrong?


One complaint about the 23 Sequoia I’ve heard multiple times is the giant blindspot. You can not see a small sedan sneak up on you as the mirrors are so high. Visibility just was terrible in that SUV.

One of the major reason I dumped my MINI electric was on city streets, large trucks and SUV would not respect my space and basically drive into my lane. At the time I thought they were assholes but after owning the Sequoia… I realize these fat trucks probably could not see me lol.

Weight isn’t an issue… more like poor visibility and questionable safety systems with large SUVs. The Sequoia needs audible alerts like other modern cars when you signal and try to change lanes but something is in your blindspot,