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We are operating in SoCal Region Only at the moment
Please Text Gor at 424-278-8216 with the following Information

Year/Make/Model/Trim of Vehicle You’re interested in
Preferred Color (If Any)
Must Have Options
Total Drive Off
How Many Miles Per Year
Zip Code You Will Be Registering the New Car To

Please reach out when you’re ready to buy relatively soon, don’t be the guy that’s 2 months out but shopping for quotes
Please don’t text me after 12AM and before 7AM


Is I true that you have to wait 6-8 weeks for registration to come in before the car can even leave the lot? I tried leasing a car from Southern California and that’s what they told me because I am from out of state and the car is new.


No that’s not true. Most states issue temporary registration for their state while your state processes registration.


Weird, the Jaguar Hornburg guy told me that. Not sure why he would say that.


Probably didn’t want to do the legwork involved with an out of state deal


Had a terrible experience dealing with Hornburg Jag/LR myself. Be careful with those guys.


I think you misunderstood the sales person. Registration can take up to 6-8 weeks to complete…You can take the vehicle off the lot or shipped home but it is advised not to drive it because the dealership can not provide temp tags for a out of state car only for a California car. It is the provider they are using to handle out of state registration. ( I work for a socal dealer who has the same process).



Just wanted to give a quick thank you to forum members that have done business with us so far, just a few of the cars we’ve sold to LH members in the past couple of weeks.


Gor was great! Smooth process, delivered exactly like he said he would!


Congratulations again!


Why is the GEN red. Reminds me of cREVier bmw tags…


Because it looks good


Thank you again to all the LeaseHackr members that have done business with us so far!


A few more forum members we’ve helped this month!


I see a gorgeous Mercedes GT there, are these a good idea to lease? Not sure if there was any reasonable lease deals on these but thought I would check.


I wonder, what does the deal structure on the GT, RR, and S4 look like?