Leftover 2017 BMW X3 is this good

Hey everyone, basically my first post here

I went to the dealer to try and get an X3, the 2017 model. This is what we came up with after negotiating and I want to know if this is a good deal or not.

MSRP $54195
Lease Price $49,800
Residual: $34,684.80 (64% of MSRP)
10k miles per year, 36 months

$555.17 per month
$0 cap reduction
$3612.88 due at signing (NYS sales tax and fees only)

Car has M sport, nav, cold weather pack, premium pack, comfort access, rear camera with parking sensors, pano moonroof really beautiful car IMO
Last car on their lot
The manager claimed that it was about $1500 below invoice. Not sure how true that was because I forgot to ask for invoice lol but they did drop the MSRP quite a bit ($4395)

They did not disclose any money factor or anything else

What do you guys think?? I feel like for the monthly payment, they could have done better, but I need your opinions

This is horrible on a leftover 2017 model. You should be at ~15% off MSRP, plus there is a $1k Holiday incentive.

Sounds like a terrible deal on a leftover, outdated X3. The discount isn’t that good and the MF is probably marked up.

nooooooo …:lemon:

Look at this deal, granted its a demo, but this is closer to where you should be: 2017 X3 lease in CA $339

Wow… thank you SO much for the super quick replies and for explaining why this is a bad deal!!! I thought it wasnt even too bad but now I am glad that I walked away. Thanks again and love you guys haha.

Yeah bud, this is a terrible deal.

Thank you. How can I make this deal better? What should I be aiming for in terms of lease price and monthly payment?
I thought the $0 down $0 drive-off $339 deal seemed very rare and mostly because it had 4500 miles on it. I dont know how to get the dealer to drop the lease price down more than $4k from MSRP… my initial offer was $6000 below MSRP but that was rejected.

Where are you?

Look on cars.com based on your zip code. When I do a nationwide search, I’m seeing cars that are 15-20% off MSRP.

I’d start at 20% off for a 2017, which is now an old body-style. If they say no, move on.

Thank you so much for the advice. I am in New York Dutchess County