Leftover '16 Spark EV fire-fire sale!

The insanely cheap lease offer that’s been around the last year or so ($139 a month/39 months/$0 down) has gotten even cheaper, believe it or not. For October, it is now $111 a month/39 months/$0 down, or 20% cheaper than last month. Truly insanely cheap! With a private offer and/or farm bureau rebate, this is literally a $0 down, sub-$100 lease! Combine with the $4k CARB rebate? You are probably MAKING money on this deal!

Only thing is inventory is pretty scarce. But if someone can find a leftover Spark EV in CA and qualifies for the max CARB rebate, it’s literally free money! Crazy!

Exactly - get paid to lease a spark. In one year, Bolt will also be a sub 100 lease :slight_smile:

Why does it say in that ad that CVRP is running out of funds and applicants are only being waitlisted?

99.9% sure you are wrong about the Bolt lease. Though I wouldn’t mind if you were right purely on the price, but sub-$100/month Bolt lease won’t happen…like ever.

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New funding was approved last month. There is no more waitlist.

Just had some conversation with a dealer through cars direct. They are quoting $2800 drive off with $111month.

SAN Diego 92069
MSRP 27135
Sales price 25683
MF .00040
Residual 40%
Rebates 10675

That’s not that great a deal. They are only giving less than $1,500 as a dealer discount. You should easily be able to get double that dealer discount. I got over $3,300 off my last Spark EV lease in MD this past July, along with combining a chevy.com $500 private offer and $500 farm bureau rebate.

End result was $0 down, $128/month for 36 months/10k miles. And I have to pay full sales tax on a lease in MD, unlike CA that just taxes the rebates and lease payments.

I found one around me that’s tagged at $20,796 and MSRP at $25,995.

It seems that with this deal it’d be almost possible to be the free Spark EV lease all over again.

MSRP: $25,995
Sales: $20,796
Residual(37%): $9618
Depreciation : $11178
Lease Cash : $10,475

Total(without finance charges)= $703

and we still got the $2500 we can put down(which we get back from CARB rebate)

Does this seem to be possible?

I found one in my city and I emailed the dealer. They came back with $159.61 + Tax with zero down. I am waiting on an email with the breakdown. If I could get it to $110 I would jump on it. I qualify for $2500 Carb rebate AND $3000 San Joaquin Valley Air District Rebate.

there are very few of these remaining. the dealers that have them are only discounting a few hundred, maybe a thousand off of MSRP and relying on the $10475 rebate to serve as the discount.

kind of a shame :frowning:

So here’s the deal. Is it that price because they are not discounting the MSRP?

Yah, full MSRP. Booo

Nah bro. The dealers can keep their spark for full msrp. Maybe they can use it as a lot car to drive around the lot.

I was able to replicate the deal.

1LT is $0 drive off, $112/mo.

2LT is $0 drive off, $142/mo.

Where? What dealer? What were your final numbers? Can you upload the data?

Can you pm me the dealer name and info they gave you? Local dealer says they will match the deal. Thanks!

they’re only taking $1000 off of MSRP.

I have a white 1LT just became available with Fast Charger. MSRP is $26745

$150 Month / $595 Down / 36 month / 10k miles

or pre pay the lease for $109 per month.


What is the $595 down going towards?

Probably the lease acquisition fee.

We charge a flat fee of $595.

Given that our discount is $3800 off MSRP plus rebates, we don’t charge anything to the dealers, we work off of a flat.

Another white 1LT Spark with Fast Charger just showed up and will be sold within 24 hours.

If someone wants it, we need a credit application ASAP to secure it…Southern California deal.