Left over 2019 Audi S5 convertible (update) final offer

I’ve been looking for an Audi S5 convertible I reached out to several dealers.

2019 Audi S5 convertible $71,065

1st quote $877 a month taxes included $2900 total due at signing (1st month/fees etc), $0 down 12K/36 months.

I asked for a breakdown, because the monthly payment seemed high. They reached out to me again, not with the breakdown but with an updated monthly payment.

$799 per month, $2800 DAS, $0 down. 36/12k

Still not breakdown of % off MSRP, what do you guys think.

I think you should only make a thread after you get all the relevant data.


I agree, but every time I ask them for the %off the MSRP I get nothing. The residual value is 49% and the MF is .0001.

How do you know that w/o a breakdown?

You just gotta keep asking them for it or find another dealer to work with.

Exactly, you’re right. It’s like the MSRP % off is a big secret.

Have you considered instead putting together your own numbers and making the dealer an offer?


Tell them if they want you to lease this car they need to send a detailed lease worksheet.

And while it’s being sent, get the residual/Mf/incentives from Edmunds to ensure it still has lease support, and let us know when you have all the details.

Yeah lease support should be running out soon.

I went to edmunds, where do you find the MF and residual values.

Well it’s either gone or it might be gone 3/31, or not. But the only place you can confirm, isn’t this website so :raising_hand_man:t2::wave:t2::wave:t2: Homework time

I see some great deals in this forum for 2019 S5 P+ but not convertible…

Post on the thread for 2019 Audi s5 leases

Yeah the sport backs are leasing good. Not the coupes or convertible

Convertibles rarely do, but always have to run the numbers.

Final offer 2019 S5 convertible

Personally I’d pass on that

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Your discount is only 15% off. Why do I say “only”? I bet the dealer is rolling in incentives into the total discount. Did you confirm on Edmunds what the incentives are? How about MF and RV?

Those numbers look high. I am not just saying that because you will be paying more than $30k to drive a 1-year old convertible. I am currently leasing an A4 P+ Quattro. My first Audi. It is a fun car to drive, but it would not have been worth it if I didn’t get a good deal on it.

In these uncertain times, I always tell folks to only get a new car if they need a car now (Some have laughed at me for saying that, but I would hate to see anyone back on LH trying to get out of a bad lease.

Don’t take the deal.


Agree. An effective $856/mo? I realize it’s an S5 convertible but still. If you are due for a car and you always drive convertibles and your budget is 900$/mo maybe? But i’d drive competition and see what that gets me in that class.

As a weekend car? Not an especially good deal, and the A5 is very nice and leases much better. Z4 (smaller and soft top albeit) leasing pretty well. I’d personally wait until the new 4 series convertible is out and drive it.

With everything going on: If I didn’t NEED a car, I’d sit April out and revisit on the calends of May.

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The payment is $756 pm 36months 12K miles per year. There aren’t any incentives that i qualify for on the S5 convertible. When I went with a broker I was paying that amount on a coupe that I was quoted for in February

No incentives on the S5 convertible.