Leasing In Arizona

Firstly, I’d like to thank the leasehackr community for all the insight on auto leasing. This has been an incredibly informative and helpful forum when trying to navigate the lease buying process. Much appreciated!

I’m looking for some help on the following:

After months of legwork and due diligence, I have been unsuccessful in finding a solid lease offer in Phoenix - specifically for BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, and lastly Range Rover. I researched previous posts and noticed that other members in Arizona had a similar (poor) experience finding competitive lease offers in the PHX area as well. I assume that a broker is most likely my best shot at finding a competitive deal however it doesn’t appear that many brokers focus on this area (mostly east/west coast and surrounding areas).

Any advice on who I should contact to assist with my search?

I’d really like to get a RR Velar however I am somewhat open to other brands.

I’m a well qualified lessee and open to paying transport costs for the right deal.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



A bunch of people have suggested contacting CA dealers, flying in and driving back


Thank you for the suggestion @max_g! I’m a single parent so not sure flying and driving will be possible for me at the moment.

That narrows it down but you may still be able to find CA dealers/brokers who are willing to ship


I’m in Phoenix area. Dealer network here is greedy. Going to LA is a good way to save thousands.

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I am a Phoenix resident and leasing here sort of sucks. Forget BMW as there are only two companies running the dealerships here I believe so no competition and neither one gives a very good customer service. Porsche is the same so forget those as well. However, there are 3 Mercedes dealerships/companies so I think that would be your best bet. Play them off each other and see what happens? I would suggest the Gilbert Mercedes to start off at, then Schumacher or Chandler and finally or make it the last stop Scottsdale Mercedes as they are pretty lazy and don’t offer much.


Do you know of any brokers that could help?

Look at the Marketplace subforum here… some CA folks will say no shipping, contact the others if you see what you like.

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Been a Phoenician (off and on) since the late 80’s. Early.on i was told / taught the best tactic / ploy was come in with a competing offer. So, i would go to Barnes & Noble, get an LA Times, Orange County Register, and on rare occasion, a San Diego Union Tribune. Walk into a dealership and start reading it in front of them. Would generally get one of two responses: “You’ll take it for that?”…or…“Its a 6-hour drive not including traffic. You ought to get going soon.”

I still do that today. Shop the loss leaders in so-cal, email the local dealers, and see who gives me the time of day.

Most recently OC Alfa Romeo and Glendale Alfa were doing some incredible lease offers. Printed off their website. Dropped by Airpark in Scottsdale and asked if they had any similarly equipped models we could go test drive.

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New dealer in Glendale AZ now. Id skip all and email Greg Poland in Glendale CA.

And how did that work out?

In '16 i bought a Ram and Chrysler from them (Airpark) so they were nice to me. At the end of the day, i didnt need the Alfa, the price just seemed too good not to have a toy. Unfortunately we couldn’t bridge the gap. It certainly helped speed the conversation along, however. Negotiating from their starting number is always hard work. Having a goal in hand tends to move things along.

Through my LeaseHacker education, when i do this now at least i come in a little more educated about things like regional incentives so my expectations don’t seem completely from a far far galaxy…

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@Benedetto works national.


I’m in the same exact boat. In Phoenix looking for the exact same car (Velar) been looking for a few months. Best thing to do is Cali leasing prices here are terrible.


I am in the same situation. You cannot get a good deal here. Period. You best bet is to use a broker who can work a deal in CA and have the car shipped here. Shipping is only about $500 from SoCal.

$500 is expensive from SoCal. Normally about half that. Let me know if you need a referral.


I will be in touch. I need another vehicle in May.

I have purchased 10 vehicles in Southern California and did the fly in and drive home way. If you can find someone to watch your little one for the day it is well worth it. Fly in, take an Uber to the dealer. Your deal is already set up so you just need to sign and drive back. If you leave on an early flight you can be home for dinner. My average savings is about 3k per lease.

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I don’t mind going from AZ to California to pick up a vehicle, but the California dealers I’ve talked to don’t do leases for out of state. That was for Toyota and Chevy. Does anyone know if this is based on dealer policy or car manufacturer?

Dealer policy.