Leasing a LARGE SUV - Is there a good deal to be had?

History: Currently in a FINANCED 2017 Tahoe, paying $985/month. Payoff is worth its trade-in value today, so I am looking to wash my hands of it.
Objective: Get into a similar sized SUV and save a few hundred dollars a month by leasing (39mo/15k) - no I don’t want a minivan, yes, my wife requires the space (1 toddler/1 infant)
Question: Is there anything truly out there that is a good lease deal in this category?

Currently working with an offer on a 2021 Atlas and a 2020 Q7. Both are pretty terrible but I am wondering if really have more wiggle room to get a better deal. I know I can bring the sell price down on both, but honestly with the MF and Residuals (Atlas .00146/55% and Q7 .001000/51%) can I do much more?



Let me know you thoughts and appreciate any guidance.

Look into the Honda Pilot EXL


There’s at least three questions here:

  • deal on a large SUV in this economy
  • Deal check Q7
  • Deal check Atlas

I’ll just focus on the first: if you can live without a third row, and you don’t care if it’s purple with pink interior and no equipment (meaning other than “big” you DNGAF about its appearance or what packages it does/doesn’t have) possibly.

If you want (for instance) a black/black with third row and tech package, highly unlikely.

Are you shopping the deal or the ride?

One of the few SUVs leasing well right now. MDX base also. The residual and MF on the two you put up (which really don’t have incentives) are enough to tell me they aren’t worth grinding on any further, IMO.


Also: what does this mean exactly? Do you even need three rows? The outgoing Tahoe’s third row is pretty bleak so would something like a Tiguan or CX9 with an emergency third row work? Or a two-row SUV?

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Check with @Jrouleau426 on Highlander or 4Runner

It’s the later. Big (wife’s requirement) with bells and whistles (my requirement). Safe to say I want my cake and to eat the whole thing in one bite.
Basically I am looking for confirmation that I am playing in a space where I don’t have much room to do something like that, so most likely I won’t get a great deal. If i plug numbers into the calculator and see a score of something like a “7” I cringe, but I am realizing I may have to suffer like that.

I haven’t considered shopping the Pilot EXL…

good question. yeah, we never use the 3rd row, but need the cargo space of a suv (if only 2 rows) that has significant space behind the 2nd row, (like the tahoe) if that makes sense.

Did You consider Volvo XC60. No third row but good space behind second row.

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jeisensc is very right though. You should definitely deal check those. I can’t speak to the Audi, but that Atlas should be 12-15% under MSRP. I’m working on an Atlas for my wife right now and I’m 13.5% off MSRP. Just a heads up. Good luck!

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You have confirmation that you very unlikely to get a deal in this low inventory environment, especially with specific requirements.

I am not August-current on all of these to be certain, but I’d start by looking at: Pilot. MDX Base. RX350 (may not be big enough). Explorer (not the ST). QX60. 2020 XC90 with 2 rows. Highlander.

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@Verb What trim? 2021? I’m in Philadelphia, are you in same market?
I don’t want to know what dealer or anything like that, just want to make sure we are comparing apple to apples.

I recently shopped the 2020 Traverse which is the same size (roughly) as the Tahoe and while the deals aren’t amazing when you add Loyalty and Supplier (if either of you are in health care, for example), the deals were decent.

I was getting 0 drive off and ~390 + tax for 36/12k on a ~44k LT with leather. Located in the SF Bay Area.


I’m all about free exchange of info. I also acknowledge that market is a factor. I’m in AZ. I’m finalizing a 2021 Volkswagen Atlas V6 SE R-Line Technology. I’m like 13.51% under MSRP. I have to think there’s still some room in your deal either way.

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@Verb thanks for the info. Almost same car, this one is an '21 SEL R-Line V6 - also 4Motion, because winter.

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if you think they are big enough - acura MDX or honda pilot hands down, maybe a mazda cx9 can all be had with high trim versions for maybe ~half your monthly payment

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Good evening,

Currently in WA and got a 2021 2.0 SEL Premium MSRP 49494
Sale Price 42990
0 down
600 DAS
494.55 pre tax
MF .00169
We had a trade but only got 200 over payoff so not much. I think you should have more room.

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Aren’t you going to be out of warranty part way thru the lease?

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PA? I can do pilots, shoot me a message or text (on my profile).

Make sure you check with vroom. They gave me what I thought was an outrageous price for our 2018.

No replacement/equivalent is going to lease well right now.

It’s 4yr/50k miles so 10k miles at the most