Leasing a CPO Jaguar

Hello all,

I was wondering if it could be potentially a good deal to lease a 2019 CPO F-Type R with about 3000 miles rather than a new 2020 F-Type Demo with about 3000 miles. Is it possible in your experience to lease a CPO Jag? and if you have any experience with leasing CPO cars, has it ended up being a good deal ever? or are they mostly losers in the long run over leasing a new car? Thanks in advance

CPO leases don’t make sense. They’re atrocious deals 99% of the time. Don’t waste your time considering it

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Get quotes and make a decision, I bet they aren’t very busy.

Oh and post the quotes


I once leased a BMW w/ 16,000 miles on it. It was before I found LH, while it wasn’t a relatively bad deal, I really didn’t save all that much money and probably wouldn’t do it again.

There was a poster here who leased a CPO F-Type for like $300 a month, it was ridiculous. We also used to have a dealer rep who was the CPO buyer for all of their franchises and would post up some pretty aggressive specials. He sadly disappeared. @Ursus probably remembers who he is.

Point being, CPO Jag deals are possible, and they can be good. Get some quotes.

No idea and hope I was not the reason for his disappearance :slight_smile:

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I had to do a lot of digging…it was @loberant


He’s still there, just checked on LinkedIn, knew Sonic was familiar, I was searching for a specific demo they didn’t have.

I only recall BMW and Mini leases from him. His track record of responding to people was also atrocious. Relative to the hoopla only a few people actually got cars delivered from him.


Yea he was primarily a BMW buyer but I was specifically remembering this deal

Wow, great info and digging guys! This is very interesting, I actually saw a used 2019 F-Type R selling about $10k below market at a sonic dealer earlier but couldn’t get it due to lockdown. It looks like they have some gems in their system every now and then.

Maybe I missed it, but was the car ever delivered despite the plethora of interest?

I don’t think so, he briefly re emerged with those deals and then poof, gone.

Yeah I suspect he was writing checks his GMs wouldn’t cash.


I inquired with him on one. I didn’t get as much as a “Hi,” “bye” or “Kiss my ass” in reply. To be fair, I’m sure he was flooded with a plethora of tire kickers from here as well though.

I think all dealers/brokers get similarly bombarded. That doesn’t explain why hardly any legitimately interested buyers ever got cars from Loberan.

I suspect the ‘deals’ were bogus in the sense that the actual GMs at the actual stores wouldn’t honor the pricing some random guy in the regional Sonic office sent them.

yeah, that’s what I’m not sure of…how much power he actually had in regard to setting the deals he was offering. I do (I think) remember you had to go through him though…not the local store.

my guess is close to 0

I got as far as a deposit on that one, then it didn’t work. He then had an e450 convertible he offered for a super low price, low 400s so I said sure, then that went away also and never heard back.

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He did a lot of awesome MINI deals. I’m pretty sure @MConte05 got one from him.

@loberant had to setup the deals for buyers with local Sonic BMW/MINI dealers, so was probably super busy setting these up and also performing his regular job.

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