Leasing a 2021 Porsche Macan

This is my first post here but I’ve been browsing for a week or so and learning what the terms mean. I am in the D.C. metro area but willing to go as far South as NC, or as far North as DE or PA for a decent deal.

I’m in the market to lease a 2021 Porsche Macan with the Premium package. This is my first time considering any lease so I am wondering if the current deals I see on the Macan (Porsche US website) are considered “good” or “normal” for Porsche?

The MSRP on the base model is $52,100 (without any added options).

The lease “deal” on the Porsche website is has MSRP at $59,750, with a payment of “$699.35 for 36 months to total $25,176.60 based on the adjusted capitalized cost of $54,520 (requires dealer contribution which could affect price)”. $4,039 DAS. Residual value = $35,850 plus taxes.

Is the 36 month offer a good deal? Are there any rebates/incentives that are available or that I could ask for to lower the total lease price or the payments? My FICOs are all 800+. I’ve seen a lot about the MF, (I now know it should be as close to .0028 as possible), how would I ensure I get the lowest MF? (Should I use PFS, or obtain financing somewhere else?)

RV: is it better for this to be higher or lower? Does a higher RV = lower payments, and inverse for a lower RV? (Is this even a negotiable aspect of a deal)? (If the car does great during the lease, I intend to consider buying out the lease in a few years.)

Finally: I am going to visit the dealership on the last day of this quarter to see if I can luck up on any end of quarter specials. Is there any hope for getting a lease with payments lowered to be in the low-mid 600s? (I am open to leasing a “fart car” as well).

Thanks in advance for your help with this.

Yes and like 5k + Fees down.

No. But I wish you luck!


Thanks! And yes, I should have mentioned that the site said $4000+ DAS. I have a bit more to put down but was iffy about it since it’s a lease.

DC area will suck with taxes too… DC is 10 or 10.5% tax on payments, VA is 4.15% on total car cost (not payments only) and I believe that MD is around 6% on total car cost… VA will add property tax too on top.

Any payment is possible with enough down, but usually better to put minimum out of pocket (I personally only do 1st month and roll everything else in) in case the car is lost/stolen

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Thanks! I’m trying to veer towards the a dealer in PA, MD or DE honestly (due to the tax issue).

You will always pay DC tax. Taxation is on registration not dealer.

It would be reg’d to MD as I am just outside of DC in MoCo.

That’s possibly worse at 6% of the full value of the car.

Well it’s going to be ugly, a 100k car owes 6k in lease tax, or about 200/month in tax + money factor which is going to be like 4.8-5.6% with porsche lease.

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To simply this, advertised specials are almost never anything near a good deal and they’re always tax, title, fees, dealer add ons extra so they end up costing thousands if dollars more than the advertised numbers.


Are even more useless now than they used to be.

Good luck walking into a dealer now and asking them to match the terms, let alone a Porsche dealer.

Aside from the fine print, I bet they won’t even match the dealer contribution.


I tried, no single brand has the website offers. They never did and even harder now, with such low inventories. The dealers claim that the offers are base models without any option. Simple put, you won’t find a Macan for $54,520. However, you can try to ask for some proportionality between the $54,520/$699.35 and whatever MSRP you get.

I am shopping for a Macan too, let me know how your findings go, please.

Contact dealers and ask if they have any cars coming out of the loaner program . They tend not to advertise these , I contacted 10+ dealers last October , found that 5-6 of them had none advertised loaners cars available for lease , some of them at a significant discount . Then again , this was last October, inventory was decent / before pre-owned car mayham.

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You are absolutely right. Due to the low inventory (which I think is being artificially lowered), and the absence of any decent deals on leasing, I ended up just outright buying a pre-owned 2019 Macan.

28k miles, premium plus package, 2.19% APR, 49k.

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There are 2019s with significantly more miles selling for more than what those cars were selling for earlier this year.

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Why do you think inventory is being artificially lowered?

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Yeah , not surprised to hear that . Regardless , worth a try . Everything is better than paying MSRP …

It just doesn’t make sense that Porsche would have lower inventory than normal on the Macan. The Macan isn’t even affected by the chip shortage.

Thanks for sharing.

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It is affected by the shortage.

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