Leasing a 2021 Porsche Macan

I had read a while back that the Macan was one of the Porsche models that was unaffected.

In either case, it’s fine. I own the car outright now & won’t have to worry about mileage overages & fees & such. Also, the 49k includes the tire & wheel protection package which was an extra 2k.

Full sales prices with tax, tag, title was $46,900.

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TPMS sensors held a lot of them at port and we couldn’t order a lot with 14 way seats for a few months.

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Got it; now that makes sense (being held at port). I didn’t know that & thought they were trying to blame it on the same chip manufacturing shortage affecting all the other cars.

Well there were not enough chips to make the TPMS sensors, so same problem. They were able to just ship cars without them and install them at port when available to at least not completely stop production.

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Lumber crashed 42% from peak in June. Car prices will come down too. Just have to wait.

Arguably now is not the time to lease a Porsche, which in the best of times, are marginal anyway. Right now, only lease based on dire necessity. The good hacks will be back next year.

And prices will fall. Just ask someone who bought lumber futures at their peak :slight_smile:

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