Leasing a 2020 Civic Touring Sedan in NJ

Can someone please tell me what is a fair lease deal for a 2020 Honda Civic Touring Sedan in New Jersey?

Here are the specs for the first car we looked at and the offer -

MSRP - 28,655
Selling Price - 26,856 (6.3% off MSRP)

Term - 36 Months/12K miles per year

Residual Value - 58%
Money Factor - .00041

Acquisition Fee - 595
Dealer Fee - 413
NJ Sales Tax - 6.625%
Payment with Tax - 291

Due at Signing - 3,289.50
Comprised of -
First Month Payment - 291
Down Payment - 1,000
Acquisition Fee - 595
Upfront Fees - 413
Upfront Taxes - 826
NJ Title/Registration - 164.50

I’m sure this is a lousy deal. What would a good or fair deal be?


Basically $382 per month for a Civic. Don’t do this.

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Yep, basically $382/month. Where should it be? What would be reasonable?

Don’t do a down payment. Make sure that they are giving you the “buy rate” MF, you can get this on Edmunds. Make sure they aren’t selling you bogus nitrogen tires or paint protection in some of the fees you mention. Maybe go with a NY dealer because they have a limit to dealer doc fee? Get a bigger discount on the car as well. I’m not sure I can really say if it is fair or not but that would be what I am looking for. For effectively $382 a month there are probably better value cars you can get.

You are better off with a broker. Otherwise target 10% min discount and confirm MF is what is on Edmunds

Thanks guys,

That looks like 330i Demo/Loaner money.

Can anyone recommend a Honda broker in NJ?

Thank You

I’ve seen only two brokers in market place offer Honda leases in TriState area.

But on the other hand I have seen Honda leases being all that great except lately for Pilot.

So if you must have this Civic then it’s ok. But see what else is being offered in marketplace for the same payment. You might find a better car possibly for less.

Even if your discount goes from 7% to 10% you payment won’t change dramatically to suddenly become a stellar lease. All other Numbers just don’t align for that.

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