Leasing 2 cars at same time - any advice?

Hi everyone! First off, kudos to admins + founders of this forum. Great job keeping things clean, with flair.

I just moved to Silicon Valley after 10 years in Manhattan. Our family with 2 little girls has never owned a car (!)

We now need to lease TWO cars: one for me, and one for my wife. Has anyone found that dealers show extra discounting when bundling two cars in the same sale? I suspect that might be the case, but I am a newbie’s newbie when it comes to all things car. All advice / PMs welcome.

I am not a car snob - so having 2 models from the same brand is fine with me, in case you’re curious.


If you go with the same brand, lease them within a few days/weeks from each other to get loyalty :slight_smile:
May also help with conquest for another brand.


Maybe this ?

Thanks @jassiek

Are you just recommending this as a really good deal? I can’t tell if this is a 2-car special, or just really nice rates for 2/3 yr lease.


If you’re getting the best discount on a car, I wouldn’t expect getting two is going to improve things.

Do you know what cars you’re interested in? This forum is more about helping you work a lease once you’ve got an idea of what you want and what sort of deal you’re looking at.

If You are looking for a budget commute car i think this is a great deal.

Thanks @ohdave! I really appreciate your candid feedback.

Well, if you haven’t owned a car in 10 years, you’ll probably want to start off by just test driving some cars. I know you probably need a car right away, so rent one. Then spend couple of weeks test driving to see what you want in a vehicle. There are going to be some things that will make things much easier for your wife when she’s shuttling around two kids like keyless entry, power liftgate, crash mitigation, park assist, carplay, etc. Make sure you check the safety ratings. Your wife’s not going to be happy when she finds out that the Jeep Grand Cherokee has a crap safety rating, after the fact.

Then, if you’re a good negotiator, use the forums to hack your own deal. If not, there are always some decent deals in the marketplace, but your selection may be limited or you may have to fly down to socal, and then drive back up. Otherwise, there are plenty of good brokers on here offering their services. Good luck.

Oh, and for you - 2017 Mercedes Benz C300, $235 + tax