Leasehackr site for normal cars

This site is all about finding these unicorn deals on 50k plus cars . Is there a site for deals on sub 30k cars ?


these cars are here too…try searching.


Wouldn’t you want to drive a 50k car for the price that most people pay for a 30k car?


Check the last 20 share deals , it’s all bmw and Volvo , one Honda . I’m just asking if there is a site that’s geared towards more economical vehicles . No disrespect to Leasehackr , it’s a fine site but obviously not for this .

There isn’t.
What car do you want that wasn’t found in the lease hackr search?

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Certainly, but I’m just looking for a good deal on a 20-25k vehicle, I don’t need a unicorn deal.

Lots of Toyota deals can be found here too.

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I think what you are missing is that 25k vehicle will have a payment close to the bmw unicorn. So why bother with the 25k vehicle?

I don’t think the unicorn deal can be found in South Florida and I’m not willing to fly to Cali and drive it back . I do appreciate your response though

Honestly BMW’s and Volvo’s do little for me, I’m not impressed by name tags and don’t want the inflated maintenance costs associated w/ either. The deals for both are plentiful, but like OP said, I’d rather see a balance of deals, and not the >50% of sitewide posts associated w/ both of these brands the past few months.


Toyota, also VW, Chevrolet, Jeep and tons more. Plenty of cars from those makes are in the 20-25k range and can be had with a pretty solid lease price. You can probably get a 1% deal without much hassle or haggle. But getting deep unicorny deals is much harder (or at least less common) on mainstream cars as there’s less room for a deep discount, etc etc.

If you can’t find a good deal in the marketplace on a mainstream car, you’re probably not taking enough effort to search enough makes.

@mani_is_kool is in FL and always has Honda deals.


So which car do you want that isn’t found in the search?

As we’ve told you numerous times on other threads, things like Hondas and Toyotas normally don’t lease well. They are “name brand cars,” and that’s why people buy them and accept their crappy lease prices, but that’s also because people don’t know better.

Additionally, there are some more expensive cars that both depreciate less and have lower money factors (interest rates), and that may be why they lease better (among other reasons) and thus the prices are lower. You will also see that less expensive cars tend to have far fewer incentives and usually sell closer to MSRP.

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What inflated maintenance with bmw it’s included in the lease

BMW vehicles will come with 3-year, 36,000 mile, No Cost Scheduled Maintenance .


As I have told you numerous times , please stop trolling on my posts . I’m looking for a deal on a “ name brand car “ , if you have no useful information then please do not comment , thank you .

You don’t get it, those cars cost more to lease than what’s discussed on here. Why would you get a mainstream volume make when you could drive a luxury make? I’m driving a $48k bmw for $234/mo because a Jetta would have been the same or more for a car with half the msrp!


The problem is that @Big88 has so many things that are stuck in his or her head that he or she does not want to listen to anyone here who is either a trusted hackr like you, or someone like me who isn’t trusted but knows a lot and is, dare I say, decently well-respected here. OP thinks that people who disagree or who try to offer advice are “trolls.” I have provided OP with a TON of useful information, but if it conflicts with his or her ideas, I’m told to “go away.”

Maybe you should learn to take good advice when it’s given to you, OP. If not, please at least learn that there is NO SPACE before punctuation. Why do you always do that? It’s so beyond irksome.


Well OP question was answered and this thread isn’t going anywhere. May as well lock it.

Joe I would love to have a bmw for 234 per mo , but it’s not possible here in So Flo . AP919 , go away now