Leasehackr Calculator Just Got Better – New Lease v. Finance Calculator

With the changing market landscape, many hackrs are leveraging financing programs to optimize their vehicle cost, even though they do not necessarily plan to keep the car for long. Per our community’s requests, we are incorporating a finance calculator into the Leasehackr Calculator to help our users compare their options.

As with everything we do, we are intentional with the tools we develop. Instead of building yet another auto loan calculator, we incorporated the Leasehackr approach, which accounts for rebates and the scenario of ending the loan early to tap into potential equity and to get a new ride (a common practice among seasoned Leasehackrs). We also took care to break down the figures in an intuitive way so you know how each element impacts your cost and how they compare between lease and finance. And of course, it’s shareable via links so we can help each other vet our deals. :slight_smile:

Though tools like this look simple, it takes countless hours to conceptualize and implement. If you like what we do, consider supporting our work by:

  1. Spreading the word and educating others on how to hack a deal using the Leasehackr Calculator.
  2. Sending us ideas on how we can make the calculator easier to use for new users.
  3. Letting us know if you’ve found any bugs and outdated program information on the calculator.
  4. Contributing to SIGNED!. The SIGNED! database has been instrumental for us to cross check our work.
  5. Donating to our Tech Support Fund.
  6. Giving us tips on SEO – we would love to spread our collective knowledge to a wider audience.

As always, we welcome your feedback as we evolve our tools around our community needs! Thank you for your support along the way to make our tools and community better!

The Leasehackr Team


Thanks Violette and Michael!

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Way better than I’d dreamed, and in 20 days! Brilliant!


I gave up my 4th of July weekend and made @michael give up his too to make @Ursus’s dream come true. :us:


Don’t give Ursus any credit, you guys make all the substantial contributions, he just drives his post counts by with ________ commentary :rofl:


Y’all are amazing!

Not sure if it’s happening to others as well but the calculator links appear to be broken for me. It’s failing to populate the calculator.

Update 1: Seems to be make-dependent. Acura is working fine (first option). Tesla is not.
Update 2: I can isolate the issue with the other makes when “acqFee_check” parameter is in the url. For Tesla, that respective checkbox cannot be unchecked in the UI.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open calculator (CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR)
  2. Change Make - Tesla
  3. Click “Share Your Numbers”
  4. Open the copied link

I tried this with a previously working link and had the same result. The query parameters in the URL were the same except for the new fin_xx ones.

In the browser console, I see some errors with The specified value "NaN" cannot be parsed, or is out of range. & jQuery.Deferred exception: capFees is not defined. I’ll update this post if I can find something more concrete.


awesome, well done!

wanted to remind you guys to bump the acq fee to 695 for nissans btw :slight_smile:

Also it looks like this update broke every single one of our price sheets calcs lol…they now load to the default sheet


Just tried with one of your links -

Removing the &acqFee_check=true gets it working again. That does change the calculation but I wanted to find the element/data point could be leading up to the error.


Waiting for someone to ask where the “LH Score” is for the finance calc :rofl:

Thank you for this :pray:


right but i cant do that for hundreds of links lol

Only addition should be an option for tax savings with a trade-in.


state dependent, also!


Wow…thank you! This would be super helpful tool.

Please enter an Azure DevOps issue and provide the bug number :smiley:


I think the “trade-in equity” line should be changed to two separate lines, “trade-in value” and “trade-in payoff”. Also, maybe a checkbox indicating whether the “trade” is actually owned or leased.

For example, if someone owes $45k on their trade in that’s worth $50k, you’d put in $5,000 on the calculator like this: CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR

This scenario would be correct if the “trade” is a lease return, but it’s incorrect if they actually own the car they’re trading in. e.g. The customer has a payoff $45,000, they’re still entitled to up to a $50,000 tax benefit.


Fixed the bug for the broken links and Tesla. Also updated Nissan’s acquisition fee to $695.

@ilike2breakthngs Thank you for the detailed outline of the issue!


Another suggestion - I believe the Jeep acquisition fee went up from $595 to $895. @DistrictLeases @Clutch @AutoLeaseNinjas please keep me honest and confirm if this is true.

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Hmm this is from Chrysler Capital’s Standard Lease Rate Sheet:

Dealer markup is allowed on acquisition fees of $595 or more for tiers 1 through 4 only; maximum markup is $300