Leased car totaled. I'm in tough position

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Dear Hackrs,

Unfortunately, the last thing I expected happened and I totaled my leased Audi A4 2019 (508$/12k/zero down) which I really loved a lot and was thinking of keeping. Geico settlement was 34k and car buyout was 28k but since Audi are the “owner” they said that they will not refund me the difference. Now I’m left without a car in a very rough market with a very small car inventory in my area.

I’m mainly looking for a German sedan car for < 600$ a month with 0 down and Audi were like no way we’re gunna do this. My local BMW had a very nice 330i loaner with 4k miles on it for 600$/mo but they backed out last second because “they have to keep a minimum amount of loaner cars at dealership”. Now BMW Atlanta seem to have some nice 330i loaners that may fit the budget of < 600$. What do you guys think, is it worth the travel to Atlanta (3 hours away) or should I buy a used cheap car for a couple months until I secure a better deal from my local BMW? (Audi are unlikely to have a good deal any time soon)

Glad to hear you survived the accident OK. :pray:


California must be different…totalled my Q5 and got a check from Progressive…also got my AudiCare back.

Sometimes crazy politicians help ya!


Yeah I heard that Progressive is different from Geico in this matter and they issue checks to the leaser. Also contracts in CA can be different. Glad you’re safe. Totaling a car is the last thing we expect but I’m happy that my Audi kept me so safe.


Sometimes crazy politicans help ya!

Except CA politicians enact the most onerous gun control laws in the country… :man_shrugging: :sweat_smile:


Did you verify with your lease contract that audi is entitled go the overage? They say different things in different states.

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Yes I did confirm that. They are entitled to any difference if the settlement is more than what is owed on the car. I’m in Alabama


3 hours is nothing for the right deal. I have traveled (even flown) multiple times to pickup new cars. The drive back is always fun!


As others have said, three hours is not a long drive at all(I drove one car 15 hrs - it was a fun drive), but I would go through a LH broker instead because you can definitely do better than $600 a month with zero down on 3 series.

Stellarauto (as an example) has a 60k 530 demo available for 630 bucks a month with absolutely nothing down/0DAS.

Thank you for your reply! Never dealt with a broker before. Is there a section on this forums to find a broker?

I mean the do own the car… You are just renting it from them so I would expect that they are entitled to receive the settlement that restores them to whole.

3 hours is not that long of a drive if its a good car and you are sure of the deal. It would suck for you to go down there and them to pull dealer crap on you.

If Audi is entitled to the entire payment, even the overage, can you request Audi turn over the wrecked vehicle so you can part the car out? I have no idea if this is possible, but basically via insurance you are buying the car out.


G70 3.3T should be just under $600/mo after taxes, with 0 drive off. I’d rather have that car than any of the 4 cylinder Germans.


You totaled your car which you leased at $0 down, you didn’t get seriously hurt, and your insurance payoff covered your buyout.

If I were you I wouldn’t worry much about the inflated market and would count my blessings!


It’d be very hard to go from a well optioned German car like the A4 down to a Hyundai. I went the other way and can’t imagine going back to a Genesis car. OP also specifically mentions he loved the A4 enough that he was planning on buying it out. In this market, you probably just have to take what you can get, though I personally think Hyundai sedans are a pretty hard sell.

The insurance company is very likely taking the salvaged title of the car from Audi.


This is why it’s advised to NEVER put money down on a lease. Looks like you didn’t, which is good.

Every captive is different and also every state is different in regards to who is entitled to any insurance overage. It’s all stated in your contract.

Count your blessings tho. You’re okay and didn’t get hurt in the accident. Cars are just a hunk of metal and can be replaced.


Unless I missed it, OP did not indicate whether the A4 was well equipped.

Yeah it was a premium plus with a sports package, ventilated seats, extra tenting, and Audi beam.