Lease Transfer: BMW 2020 M8 Competition Coupe $157K MSRP $1351/m + tax


12K miles a year.
36 Month lease.
27000 Miles Left

24 Months left
Black with tartufo interior
$1351 + Tax
$2K Payment back to me

here is the link to the my original post when i bought it. It has pictures.

Incredibly amazing car. Selling because I have a Huracan Evo coming in August and Tesla Plaid in September.


Hey great deal for sure, but FYI any taxes paid to NYS likely can’t be refunded so you really should advertise the car for the the actual monthly payment inclusive of all NYS taxes because that will be the minimum payment for the person taking this over

Car is registered in CT. Taxes are monthly here.

Beautiful car! Are you sure you have only 24 months left? Your original deal was posted in November and it was a 36-month lease. Wouldn’t you have 28 months left?

I’m interested. I sent several messages through Gmail and it bounced back. Now I’m trying it through the forum website. DM me or send me a message to my email at


Once pending, just let us know so we can close the thread.

You’re right. Bad math on my end. I believe the lease started nov 17th so I’m entering the 10 month. I’ll update the post.

im interested, please send me more info :slight_smile:

Good luck trying to lease transfer, I had a 2020 Launch Edition Convertible ($159,145 msrp) and had ~10 rejections if I remember correctly. Ended up selling it for $135k when the buyout was $114k for +$21k.


$21k equity is insane. Did you sell it privately or to a dealer?

@jay3 lol I sold it to a Nissan dealer for the lowest priced 2020 GT-R in the country with 3k miles on it and flipped the GT-R 14 days later for +$5k for a 2018 CPO G63. The best thing about that car is that there were no Edmunds/KBB options for “M8” at the time, so it was done by hand.

We made the deal on a Friday at 7pm, I drove 10 hours each way to be there at 9am before any other manager had a chance to look at the deal. They told me it sold at auction for $117k, this was back in March.


Thank you BMWFS for rejecting everyone under the sun in your case. The end result turned out to be excellent for you.


@jay3 Absolutely! I had a guy with 5 houses that wanted it for his Sugar Baby in Miami that was rejected, I had a famous author with millions of sales and a creditkarma of 810 rejected, it was so fucking weird…now I’m thinking about trading the G63 with the equity from 5 cars this year in for a Mclaren GT $1500/month lease.


This is nuts lol BMW financial services out here tweaking.

What did BMW want? Rights to his/her next best seller?!?!??

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Would pick up this car but assumed an M5. Great deal! Good luck with sale

Book smart is not what they are after.

The sad part is the M5 is prob the same price if not more expensive than this and this is 40k more. This car market is on crack

where are you seeing a mclaren GT for $1500?!

@vipa they’re $1900 with $18k down, you can find that pretty much anywhere. I know residual is like 71% for 3/7500. I have so much equity in my G63 now from trading 5 cars this year, it’s like fake money…I may roll all of the equity it in. I know it’s a bad idea but YOLO? I’d never put $20k+ down on a lease otherwise…Payments would be cheaper than my G63 lol it’s tempting

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