[LEASE TRANSFER] 2020 BMW M340i xDrive MSRP: $65k $540/month $3500 down Los Angeles

Brand new lease, has 150 miles and 36mo/10k left on it.

Unfortunate circumstances have led me to post here, hurts me to do so knowing I got a great deal for anyone in the market.

I will upload the full sticker soon and feel free to PM for more details.

Tanzanite Blue ii on Black with Harman Kardon, Drive Assist, Park Assist, Premium Pack, Remote Start, Ambient Lighting, Adaptive Suspension

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Is the $540/month inclusive of SoCal taxes?
Does the $3,500 down include any MSDs, or is it to recoup the DAS you put?

It is inclusive of SoCal taxes and yes to recovering the DAS


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With the $3500 down, the effective payment is roughly $640 inclusive of taxes, which isn’t bad for a $65k m340i xdrive. Hopefully you’ll get someone to bite. If not you can lower the down a bit to get the effective payment to ~$600-625 inclusive of taxes, which would be really solid IMO especially considering this is an xdrive which isn’t as common in CA.


you’re going to have to probably give up a big chunk of if not all of your downpayment, anybody could walk into a dealer and get this deal on a brand new car and not have to deal with the transfer. sorry for whatever circumstance is causing you to have to get rid of it right away

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I spent a long time finessing the deal through several dealerships so if anyone could just walk in then power to them cause I think it is a very solid deal for anyone in the market right now. Car was custom ordered and not picked up so it was on the lot longer than they wanted and I got pretty much max rebates which not everyone gets college grad, ol, and loyalty so yeah we will see


it’s not a bad deal i’m not trying to say that, just letting you know this forum may not be the place for it as most on here are looking for steals. i would try g20post/bimmerpost, you’ll get interest there for sure. post a LOT of high quality pics, format the listing right and you should have no trouble because like you said it isn’t a bad payment at all. I’ve sold a couple cars through that forum. good luck

I know what you mean, I posted here cause I really felt it was a steal after lurking on deals for several months mine was right up there with the best especially with LA tax being as high as it is. I also figured not everyone on here has the trifecta of rebates to go along with nearly 12% discount so might get them excited.

Definitely will post on the forums now thanks for that idea, haven’t been active on there since the e90 days so glad you suggested.

Tanzanite Blue is also really difficult to come by too and such a nice color.

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Hello, I am interested to get this car for my wife. can you PM me your phone #

You don’t know what you’re talking about.
In order to get this effective monthly without MSDs you’ll need to negotiate a ~13% pre-incentive discount, have loyalty, and secure base MF of 0.00128.
This is actually much better than I originally thought.


Thanks Alex, yeah put a lot into making the deal happen that is for sure

i’m in the market for this car but with different options and color. if you end up willing to negotiate the down payment, let me know.

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So, you are saying you don’t want this car, but will reluctantly take if he lowers cash amount? Smart.


yes – why is that a problem? i know how to negotiate a lease and can get close to this deal on options/color i’d prefer but am willing to forgo certain things i’m looking for if seller finds himself in a pickle and ends up lowering DAS. this happens on multiple threads daily…just look at that Cadillac thread lol

Why not to make your offer privately over PM? But it’s me, of course


I would consider lowering the DAS, but at the moment there is enough interested for full ask that it would not make sense, if I see that those interests are illegitimate or fall through then yes it may become a consideration.

sounds good