Lease Transfer - 2018 Porsche Macan Sport Edition - $676/mo - ZERO DOWN (NY/NJ/CT/PA)

LH Community, this is one hell of a deal (for a Porsche) on a really beautiful car. I got this car about 5 months ago because I started a new job that had me thinking that change in car was necessary to an SUV, however, it’s looking like that really doesn’t matter anymore so I’m considering putting this up for trade to get into a more sporty sedan. Make no mistake, this car handles incredibly well, much better than any SUV I’ve ever driven, and truly is a blast.

I will say right now: Keep your opinions about the base Macan to yourself. I don’t care, and no one else cares what you think about it. Yes, you could get an SQ5 for less, but it isn’t the same, not if handling is your thing.

The Car:
Sapphire Blue Metallic
Standard Interior Alcantara/Leather
Sport Edition (4cyl) -
Sport Chrono Package
20" Carrera Spyder Wheels
Premium Package
PCM With Navi
Porsche Sport Exhaust
PASM With Air Suspension
Side Blades Painted in Exterior Color
Sport Design Mirrors

The front end (Hood, Front Bumper, Mirrors) are wrapped in SunTek Ultra PPF, and look incredible. This is a great free benefit for the next owner, no rock chips! I paid $1850 for this, and the entire car is ceramic coated.

The car has some small modifications, we can discuss you keeping them if you’d like.
The car is lowered using Ghost Motorsports Ghost Links, has a custom, one off Soul Performance Exhaust, Clear Corner LED’s, and a few more small things.

The deal:
MSRP: $65,060
10k/39mo Lease

You will be able to average 760 miles per month, if someone commits to taking this over, I will stop driving it as much as possible and this will go up.

  • This payment includes PSMP 2, so your 20k mile service will be covered. It added about $9 to the monthly, but it makes sense, as a 20k service usually costs $900.

Only pay the transfer fee of $500 and the car is yours. I reserve the right to choose who assumes the car, as it must be someone who can afford it and prove it.

If you take a look on Swapalease, you’ll find that most people are asking 2-5k down, for completely base cars with no options. To compare, a car listed at $749 has no Sport Chrono, no PASM, no Sport Exhaust, small wheels, and is in general lacking.

Any questions, please ask. For serious buyers, please PM me and I’ll text you more photos.

Beautiful ride. I wish you good luck, it’s not at all outlandish. I may suggest including MSRP and mileage allowance details for fewer questions in your inbox.




I knew I forgot something! Whoops, thank you.

recommend including more pics. Including State in post title. Inclhding months per month remaining, and the effective payment after you get your cut also in title.

I’ll get to the photos later when I have some time. The rest is updated, I was super tired when I wrote this, no matter how many times I tried to remember to put everything, I knew I’d forget something.

Op any errors thrown since adding the Ghost links?

Nice car, sorry you have to part with it. All the detail is great but I would suggest having the lease details broken down at the top of your post and with the miles left per month.


Nope, install was easy, the consensus with them is that as long as you don’t drop it too much (I didn’t) it really doesn’t matter. Car is still just as comfortable as stock.

This is a fair deal for someone. Good luck!


Thank you sir!

What is the MSRP on this?

It’s in the OP, its 65k and change. I’m going to find the window sticker when I get home.

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There has been some interest, I’ll let everyone know that this car will be eligible to be traded on August 16th, so I am trying to find someone to commit ahead of time, but will probably start a new (non-feeler) thread once it is actually available.

Further update, I am working with an executive team member at Porsche to see if they will allow me to transfer out early. I am expecting a call from her sometime today, if this becomes available for immediate transfer I will update the OP with all pertinent information.

weird… should be policies and procedures in place already… especially at a large co. like Porsche

The only thing I hate, are these yellow NY license plates lol

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There are, its 6 months, I’m looking to get an early exception.

I know, trust me I’m with you. If I wind up holding onto the car for a longer period of time I’ll get PCA plates. I tried to order white PCA plates by phone, as the site suggests you can, only to find out you need to mail a form in, so I ditched the process of getting a white plate for the time being.

LH Community

After looking things over, I am lowering the amount to $1,500 if you start the process on the 16th, or $1,000 if you agree to lock in taking the car from me next month and leave a “deposit”, which we can hash out the legal details of if you’re interested.

I am still waiting on a reply from the Porsche exec about being allowed to transfer now.


Porsche has made an exception and will allow me to start a transfer of equity now on the car, meaning it is officially available for assumption. I am asking $1,500 to me total.