Lease Transfer: 2018 Dodge Charger SRT 392 - 27 months left out of 39, Very Low Mileage, $518, Delaware

Hello LeaseHackrs.

I am looking to transfer the lease of my 2018 Dodge Charger SRT 392 in Delaware as i’m planning to get an SUV. I did leased the car new in Jan 2018 and drove only 7k miles in 1 year. It was a factory order with 39 months 10k miles/ year lease so you have 27 months left. The monthly lease payment is $518 including DE tax (MSRP $53k). Please find additional details below.

Summary of the Lease Details - PM me for complete lease details
MSRP: $53k
Lease Terms: 39
Mileage: 10k/ Year
Monthly Payment: $518 (Including DE lease tax)
DownPayment: 3k

Car Details - PM me for complete details. I’ve a 9 page PDF of my car features
Condition: Looks Brand New, No accidents, No scratches or Dents
Summary: Full loaded with Tech and Safety options.


Beautiful car! To clarify, are you asking for a $2.5k down payment or are you saying that’s what you originally put down when you acquired the vehicle?

Hi, 3k was the down I paid while leasing. If we do the lease transfer the Ally finciancial will process the lease transfer application and will let me know how much we owe or returned depending on the tax where it is going to be registered.

Nice car, you live in new castle county correct? I wont say what city but I believe I know exactly where you parked it in those pics. I have seen your car a few times, I have the go mango charger hellcat with stripes!