Lease Transfer 2018 BMW M2 MSRP 67K $646+Tax $1500 Down + 4900 MSD 2100mi/month

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2018 BMW F87 M2
Location: CA, Riverside

Monthly payment (pre-tax):646
Effective monthly payment (if incentive is provided):

Current mileage: 4500
Maturity mileage: 36000
Effective miles per month:2100
Maturity date: 04/18/2022

MSD due (if any):4900
Cash due (if any): 1500
Incentive for new lessee (if any): 0

Financial institution: BMW FS
Transfer fee:
Out-of-state transfer allowed (yes/no): no

Vehicle condition (accidents, tire wear, etc.), options, and other details:garage kept, perfect condition.This car is basically fully loaded ( only without sunroof I guess), whith M performance pkg ( including the exaust, spoiler …etc.)
Please TEXT me if interested
Daniel 909-274-9550

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I assume this is DCT, but you may want to specify that in case someone is specifically looking for DCT or 6MT. Good luck with transfer!

yes, this is MDCT, sry for being unclear, and thanks for remind

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Another candidate for swapalease

With that being said solid spec, and solid original deal assuming no ccr.


Yea, a $646+ payment on a M2 would be a great deal if little was put down.

This will be a tough sell around here though, ~$1050+tax effective payment + $5k in MSDs for a 3 year old M2.

GLWT, as always some more detailed pics, window sticker, etc. will help.

Just sell this thing… If you’re asking for $5K cash up front, it’s around effective $1,003/mo plus MSDs, plus the transfer fee??? It’s not even a comp pack car, and will need at least a pair of tires at turn in too…

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why would this car need a pair of tires at turn in, as the car with slightly used and the tire is still in perfect condition(just brought it back to bmw dealer to check everything, and I literally took it out for a ride every 1 or 2 weeks)?

Because the new owner may want to drive it 10-15K miles? Although at $1,000/mo plus MSDs there’s probably little chance of someone here taking the lease.

Just curious, is there any reason why you’re asking for a higher down payment now with only 15 months left versus when you listed it on here almost two years ago when the car was basically brand new and had 35 months left? Wouldn’t you ask for a lower down payment now since there is barely any time left on the lease? If someone wouldn’t give you $2500 + MSDs in May 2019 when the car was only one month old, why would they give you $4000 + MSDs now when it’s almost two years old?

Old Listing from May 2019: Lease Transfer 2018 BMW F87 M2 fully loaded MSRP 67K SOCAL $646+Tax + $2500 Down + 4900 MSD


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1000mi/month and 2000mi/month isnt’ a huge different?since I have paid for the past 700*20 month=14000, and barely drive it, I am more focusing on the niche group who would like to takeover my lease and buy it at the lease end. I believe it is fair enought to ask for the 4000 down as I paid 14000 already.
Why would you assume there were not an offer back to May 2019??? I changed my mind and decide to keep it a bit longer, just forgot to remove the post.
Just curious, wt do you think a more “reasonable” price? 0 down 4900 msd 646+tax for a fully loaded m2 with 2000mi/month? I dont think you can get anything close to this.

That’s a fair point, it’s possible you just changed your mind back then. But putting mileage aside, the effective payment for this is now close to $1000/month with $4k DAS vs. the less than $800 payment with $2500 DAS two years ago. I’m not one to judge, this is your ad and you can ask for whatever down payment you’d like, but it just seemed odd the down payment went up instead of down.

In my opinion, if this were my car, a fair ask would be the MSD’s and maybe $1k DAS with only 15 months left on the lease. And I get that someone who takes this over can buy it for $35k in 15 months, but they’d have to first spend $15k to get there ($700x15, $4k DAS, $500 transfer fee). Plus they’d have to wait to get their MSDs back too. Anyway, just my 2 cents! Good luck with the transfer - I hope you find someone.


You can buy lightly used '18 M2’s all day long for the low to mid $40’s.

Anyone with $10k sitting around looking for a used M2 is just going to BUY one right now, not mess around with a lease transfer, MSDs, etc. only for the chance to buy it for $35k in 15 months.

Use the $5k DAS as a down payment, a $40k loan @ 3% for 60 mos. is $719/mo.

OP, if you’re serious about getting out of your car you need to consider just selling it, no one in their right mind would take this over with the given terms. Your payoff isn’t far off from market value as M2’s usually go, pocket the MSDs back and call it a day.


Are you forgetting the part where you had the use of the car for 20 months for your $14,000?

Just curious, wt do you think a more “reasonable” price? 0 down 4900 msd 646+tax for a fully loaded m2 with 2000mi/month? I dont think you can get anything close to this.

– if anything yes, that would be within reason, if you can find that one special person that wants to shell out $646/mo plus $500 transfer fee for a non comp M2 that historically (and currently) leased like garbage to begin with. Unless you can find a person that wants to take over the lease and buy it out immediately if they MUST have THIS particular low mile DCT M2.