Lease Takeover - 2018 Camry XSE with panoramic roof - only 2k miles - $326 a month (including tax) ZERO DOWN!

Hi All,

I am trying to see if I can get out of my lease for a 2018 Toyota Camry in Dallas, TX area. I am being offered a lease from my company, so I have no need to keep this car. Here are some details:

2018 Toyota Camry XSE
Color: Windchill Pearl/Black
Current Mileage: 2,100 miles
Dealer Options: Panoramic Glass Roof: [$1,045]
Special Color: [$395]
Other options: Cargo net, Mud guards, Premium carpet set, Vehicle shield package
No heads up display and no V6.

MSRP: [$32,177]

Monthly Lease payments: [$326.xx]

Term: [36 months]

Mileage: [12k miles per year]

Months left: [33 months]

Mileage remaining: [34k]

Gap protection: [$386] included

SecureNet Lease vehicle service contract for 36 months/45k miles: [$1457] included. Got this for $240.xx. I can give you a credit for this or simply transfer the contract to you.

  • roadside assistance
  • protects all major components beyond manufacturer’s warranty expiration
  • up to 5 windshield repairs
  • up to 4 paintless dent repairs

Let me know if you have any other questions. I’ll be able to send you pics and any other documentation needed. The car is clean, has no dents, scratches, etc on the body or the wheels.

Lease transfer process:

Toyota’s lease transfer fee is $200 which I’ll take care of. You will just have to take over the lease payments of $326.xx for next 33 months. All taxes, etc. included, so you don’t pay anything extra. Lease transfer process takes 30-60 days with Toyota. You will need to have a equivalent or better credit to quaify (Tier 1 in this case). Toyota will send some paperwork to both parties. Once it is completed and you register the car, you take the ownership.

For some reason I am unable to upload the pics. You can see them here on dropbox. Also uploaded a pic of the original window sticker so that you can see all the options:

Why did you buy the extended service contract on a car you are leasing for 36k, that would be covered under warranty anyways? It would make some sense if you leased it for 45k

Well, couple of reasons: I usually put more than 36k miles on my car. Secondly, the general manager of the dealership is a close friend, so he pretty much gave it for nothing ($240).

So what exactly are you looking for? Just take over the payment? What are Toyotas fees for a transfer?

Also is this the v6?

Lease transfer fee is $200. I can take care of that. I am looking for someone to assume the lease and take over the payments for next 33 months.

It is not a V6.


Does it come with Heads up display?

No heads up display. Trying to upload pics through my phone but doesn’t seem to work. Will upload a few pics through desktop soon.

What safety features does it have? I am having a hard time reading the window sticker.

As I have never done a lease transfer before how would the taxes change with the lease moving to Tennessee? Is that possible with Toyota?

Sorry about that. Uploaded a better picture now.

  • Toyota Safety Sense-P: Pre-collision Sys with Pedestrian Detection, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, Lane Departure Alert w/ steering assist, Automatic high beams

  • Star Safety System: Enhanced Vehicle Stability Control, Traction control, ABS, EBD, Brake Assist and Smart Stop Technology

  • Blind Spot Monitor with Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Thanks. Is there a deductible on the securenet? Is that lease payment before tax?

The lease price includes tax. It is straight $326 per month and nothing more.

SecureNet has a deductible of $100 per repair if you take the car to any other dealership other than where it is purchased from (Toyota of Ft. Worth).

What is the tax % in Dallas/Ft Worth?

6.25% on the full price of the vehicle. That came out to $1617.66 which is included in the monthly payments. The negotiated sale price of the vehicle was $25,887.26. Gross Cap cost included TTL was $29,155.18. Current payoff is $28.5k.

So I would owe my state tax as well? How does all that work out?

You won’t owe anything. I have already paid taxes. You will simply take over my lease payment of $326 a month and that’s it. It doesn’t matter what state of reside in and what tax rate your state has. The leasing company will transfer my lease to you and I will pay the $200 for the lease transfer.

This is not true unless the state the car is being transferred to recognized taxes paid in Texas, and the assumee may still owe tax if the rate is higher or calculated differently.

Thanks for correcting me. If anyone is interested, please PM me and I can call Toyota Finanical Services and have them figure out if there is going to be a difference in payments.

Having been through this myself it’s highly unlikely you will get an answer from them. You or the assumee will have to call the dmv or equivalent where the vehicle will be transferred to and try to get an answer out them. It’s not fun but the key question that needs the be asked is if the state recognizes taxes paid in Texas if not it will be essentially taxed as a sale.

That is what I am afraid of. I will try calling the DMV today and see what they say. Being Memphis, I have very little hope that they will have any clue though.

So I called TFS this morning and was able to talk to someone very knowledgeable. According to her, the monthly payment will go down by $20-$25 since TN charges taxes on the amount you are using vs. full price of the vehicle like in Texas. I am assuming base sales tax in TN is 7% plus few other county taxes where as I paid 6.25% ($1617), you will be paying most probably half of that.

As soon as I provide your address in Memphis to TFS and begin the process, they will be able to quote the exact payment within a couple of days. The rep I talked to was 100% sure that’s how it works and the payment should go down based on TN tax laws.

Let me know what you find out from your dmv. Send me a PM and we can work out other details.