Lease swap my M5 for new ride of 2019 Alpina B7

I got my M5 because of trading a 2018 AMG E63S wagon that was way too bumpy for my family. It had huge negative equity (60k plus due to 47 month left).

So, the BMW dealer helped to digest about 30k and rolled in 15k into my fully loaded M5 with MSRP of 131k to begin with (I took 15k impact). After all that, the monthly payment was $1800.

If there was no trade in of wagon, I think the payment of M5 should be around $1500 a month. Most of good deal M5 (without ceramic brake) was around 1260 to 1400.

The B7 is with Belvet blue color optioned with $5200 and leather option of $4000. Except the special edition or custom build, there is almost no B7 with this msrp. I think that’s the reason the car was sitting in lot for at least 6 month. So, this deal was helping dealer resolve inventory and helping me to have more joy in my car. For M5, I do miss the acceleration (2.6 sec 0-60 and 10.76 quarter mile time clocked by GPS) and fun when driving aggressively…:slight_smile:

I really appreciate the dealer made extra efforts to get this car by dealer trade due to small number of 2019 B7 out there! I bought him a nice pen to show my appreciation while signing documents. This also is my first time getting a car to have the sales manager not finance manager sign paper work with me.


Beautiful car congrats though I’m surprised you bored of an E63s that quickly.

Someone at my work drives a B6, some forest green color I’ve never seen on another BMW, drool over it every time I see it parked. Alpina are special cars, and very under the radar.

Wow. BMW is in quite a large market segment from 175/month X2s to 1750/month Alpinas…

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I was quite happy with E63. It is powerful and loud…:-). However, suspension was so firm. Much more so than my previous ones. My wife and daughters couldn’t bear the ride. It took me 3 weeks of long thought to commit trading her in.

I think the color you were referring to is British Green.

The other dealer actually offered me slight better deal with a $166,395 car. That one is British Green also is $5200 special option not on normal list.

I didn’t take because the original sales manager went so far to get my Velvet blue B7 by dealer trade. I apologized to the other gentleman and bought him a pen as well.

For 2020 B7 with similar msrp and early in introduction period, monthly would be around $2400. I was helping dealer to clear the way for new year model. The AMG S63 is direct compete with B7 and its monthly would be even higher.

I don’t think your math is on point
The 5k more or less covers mostly drives
1399 a month before tax is definitely less than 1 percent of msrp
And it’s new so you can do the bmw car club for additional 1500
It’s a good deal
We leased a 140k b6 last week for 1399 plus tax
And best of all it’s Alpina green. The only 1

Congratulations to your B6! The slightly better (about $60/month less) B7 deal I passed is British green and as well. It looks very cool and I was told it’s only one in the nation, too. Well, the original sales manager worked very hard and he was the one convinced me to try lease swap. I felt he was the one should get the sales.

I am very happy with no down payment @ $1738 with the velvet blue and all options loaded at almost 169k. The only item green one doesn’t have is night vision. I used it during Yosemite trip and it showed dear near by quite clear which was great!

Don’t get me wrong here, the blue is gorgeous and probably one that you won’t get tired of as fast. The green is just out there. That’s one reason I find it cool

I understand and appreciate your message. I indeed enjoy this beautiful B7 quite a bit. Picked her up last Friday and already passed 1200 miles today so I can press gas paddle aggressively now…:slight_smile: That’s why I have it with 12k per year as I knew I would love to drive her a lot!

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That green one you posted is the one I passed. Your number indeed is a terrific deal. The deal I passed was with $30,600 off msrp, 0.00177 lowed to 0.00142 with 7 MSDs, 36/12k (54% RV) with 2k drive off.

If I convert it to 36/10k (55% RV) with 5k drive off, what I got is $1,503/month plus tax. So, your discount is like in between $34k and $35k off msrp of $166,395? If so, that’s too good to pass for anyone looking for B7…:-). Hope you will find her new home soon!

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Goes lower than 175