Lease swap my M5 for new ride of 2019 Alpina B7

With great help from 1st dealer in S cal to convinced me trying lease swap with my 18 M5 (with 30 months to go), the swap actually worked and became friend with new owner in East coast. My beloved M5 is in a closure trunk on the way to new home.

Meanwhile, the dealer went quite a long way to help me lease this beautiful fully loaded 19 Alpina B7 with dealer trade (with special color Velvet blue metallic and merino leather). I flew to LA picked up new ride and drove back to Bay Area last night.

MSRP: $168,695
Net Cap: $141,766
MF:0.00142 after full MSDs
Term is 36/12k
RV: 54%
Drive off: $2,500
Monthly payment is $1,738 plus 9.25% tax
I decided to buy tire/rim protection @ $2,250 as I felt it was his offer with good intention. I think I will have more peace in mind this way as the rim is quite expensive and 21” wheel makes less tolerance on 255/295 tires.

Along the way was another gentleman from another dealer down south helped me with great deal, even though with slight better discount, I had to appreciate the original person by going with the blue one. I did buy a little gift for the other gentleman and thank him in person.

Include as much information as possible in your post, and even a celebratory picture. :wink:

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Mind sharing your deal terms on the M5? Looking for a reference point. Thanks

not a ton of alpinas out there but i saw that leasehero posted one recently for 1519 (1633 if adjusted for same mileage and DAS) and also another broker had one which is about 1563 if adjusted for same mileage and DAS.

eta: i thought you may be able to do a bit better since your monthly is 1807 and the MSRP is 168K (over 1%) plus the comps above, but maybe not - either way, enjoy

Why you gotta shit on someone else’s deal for no reason?


This section is about sharing deals. The site is about hacking leases. This is not a hacked lease. Do you disagree?

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How would you know? You haven’t a clue what these cars go for

And no, this forum is not for shitting on someone else’s deal on the basis of…nothing.


Oh stop dude. A broker posted one for 1500. What hack happened here? It’s not just a general car forum to brag about cool cars. This isn’t bimmerpost etc. You’re being relatively hostile for no reason.

So that’s all you’ve learned from this forum, comparing monthly payments?


im opting out of this convo. you are either in a bad mood or just not so nice. i will let you teach everyone on the forum how to do deals.

It’s about time someone called out your trolling. Couldn’t hack jack as of March but now suddenly you’re a jedi-level hackr shitting on everyone else’s deals.


Not everyone here is entitled to hack a unicorn. As long as people are benefiting by gaining proper knowledge and education about leasing, and getting a GREAT deal, (notice emphasis on GREAT) its all good.
Forum is here to provide knowledge to everyone, whether its a first time leaser or a pro has been leasing for decades.


its not about being a unicorn though. how would you rate this deal mani?

it looks like the other deal is still live fyi

Honestly, you cant compare this to any other bmw model at the moment. It is not a 3 series which are flying off of shelves like the newest video game. These cars are exclusive editions targeted to a specific client market. RV is the lowest set out of all the other models which are in the 60s…

this was the one i saw fyi:

Anyway yeah it may not be the most hacked deal but given that it’s super rare and you got exactly the car you wanted, enjoy it. I’ve never actually even seen one of these in person but they sound impressive.

Also would like to add, its probably a 1% deal if you take out the tire wheel isnurance and switch miles down to 10k. But again, these cars are super rare with many dealers having 1 or even none.

Not a bad deal for that sweet ride.

They are one of a kind for the most part and you know it when you see it.

Well done, you’ll have an amazing three years with it!!

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That deal is for 7500 miles and has $3k DAS. Increase to 12k, knock off $500 DAS, and add the wheel protection, and these are damned near the same. And that’s not even mentioning the fact that the other deal doesn’t list the exact MSRP, so it could be a lower MSRP.

tire protection is included in this monthly payment? i didnt realize that. anyway nice car - my bad for not realizing.

legit just trying to troll the guy… no reason to post that.

I’m just here for the pictures of this beauty. Where are they?!