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I am in need of some advice, in late February (before the Covid shutdowns) we traded in our lease early (6 months). The dealer was willing to absorb the remaining payments, and we left with a new 2020 Ford Explorer. 2 weeks later the dealer called asking for more money, as they “miscalculated” the deal and were under the impression that the deal was for 5 months and not 6 months; and if we wanted the current deal we need to pay one more month.

After we were told about this, we visited the dealer and advised them that this was not the deal, we were not going to pay another month, and they were welcomed to have their car back. During this visit we were shown the paper I attached, which was new to us as we never saw this during negotiations. To make matters worse, the “customer” signature has been forged.

Because of the Covid situation we have been kept in the dark, and the new dealer gives us the run around. Currently, my old lease account remains open and Ford credit is also at the mercy of the information provided by the dealership. I have recently learned my old car has been sold at an auction, and the contract has been approved since February. I know it has been 4 months, but is the forgery “enough” reason to return their car?

Thanks y’all

If they forged your signature, contact corporate, your state attorney general, county government, etc.


I made you your own topic because this has nothing to do with Covid…

I’m super confused as to what the issue is. Deal is funded and dealer called you 5 months ago asking to sign a new contract and then never followed up and that’s it? Why do you want to return the Explorer?

What documents did you receive when you signed your new lease? What does your lease contract say? The piece of paper that you took a picture of is pretty meaningless.

Also FYI, nobody ‘absorbed’ the payments except for you. They’re in your lease contract. Next time ask us, you burned a lot of money.

Allot of details missing here, where’s the “we owe” saying the amount they were going to pay or emails and contract showing what they were covering?

I don’t think they forged anything, that’s just a turn in print out from Ford

Looks like a customer acknowledgement signature in the lower left in the form of a star. I’m guessing that’s the forgery in question.

Also how were you possibly paying $722/mo for a Flex?


Well unless they sign like that it’s not a forgery, probably didn’t get turned in by whoever does the lease returns until after the deal. If the new car manager had any brains, which who knows, he would have verified the amount of payments left. If the OP doesn’t have anything in writing about how many payments or an amount that the dealer was paying, then they can probably pound sand.

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Absolutely, I found this forum a week after making the deal :frowning:, the dealer called me early March that they wanted us to pay for another month. The only documents we received was the contract stating the new terms of the car - 2020 Ford Explorer (39) months 10.5k miles 376 + tax a month. The piece of paper I posted is the document they produced to “prove” where the deal went wrong

Exactly, we didn’t see any of this at all during negotiations.

Thanks to my wonderful resale value in my previous Subaru, I actually paid 603… Yes, I am “the sucker born every minute” customer.

That’s exactly what I told them, usually they verify the amount I owe before they talk about money. They even asked how many payments I have left and I told them 6 verbally. Unfortunately I don’t have anything in writing about the lease return, beside the picture I posted.

When I asked about the signature, they were under the assumption that it was ours

Just read your post again, sounds like they got you by the balls since they haven’t paid Ford yet, you’ll probably have to give them what they want or they will not make the payment(6 payments). I’d just ask them to cut you a check for the 5 payments and pay the bill yourself when Ford sends you a bill

$603 x 6 = $3618. The document you posted shows $3611. I still don’t understand the problem. Again, what’s the contract say? Post the contract.

Also I have no idea how you rolled $3611 in and are only paying $376/mo unless you had a massive DAS?

According to Ford, I don’t owe them anything. My previous car has already been sold, and the agreement to “absorb” my monthly payments have been approved. They don’t understand either how the dealer is asking for more money.

If you’re good with Ford and the deal is funded, tell the dealer to pound sand


I still don’t understand what this means.

What does the lease contract say?

I paid 2k and first month DAS. Maybe that’s why they are asking for more money? After researching here, I see how much this deal sucked. My monthly payment is actually 399 tax included, I really like this car; but I also don’t want to be scammed into something that can be a problem later. This is the only page that discusses the deal, the other pages just talk about insurance, the lien holder, and other miscellaneous things (nothing financial)

Where is the prior balance section?

That’s literally all they gave me :frowning:, that’s why it’s concerning to us that they are asking for more money, when all the math was done on the back of a piece of scrap paper…

…it’s in the other 7 pages you’re holding.