Lease on a 2021 Alfa Romeo Giulia

Alfa Romeo in Kearny Mesa has 8k off sticker… butttttt wait till you see the lease figures on this.
Residual is very poor (even the salesman told me) like 33% on this car… gee wonder why :wink:

MSRP 50200
NCC 42500
Res % 33
24 months 10k
.0008 MF (yes that’s right)
4k down

Was telling me the payment would be ~1200 / month =D

Show’s the faith the leasing company has in this car I reckon… residuals are not negotiable he said.

Try to get more off MSRP, but think of it like a 1.9% loan, with deferred sales tax.

You would simply buy the car out at the end of the lease. Or just finance the car.

They must have hidden fees somewhere. Here’s the RV guide.

No hidden fees… just a poor residual. The sales manager told me the car had a very poor residual and that leasing would be ludicrous. 1200 / month… could lease 2 2022 BMW’s for that payment =D
Don’t forget this is a 2021.

I posted the 21 residual guide.

It’s in the 50s. Dealer isn’t being honest with you.

Dealer may be quoting a lease through a different bank

Standard MF on these is significantly higher than .0008, although incentivized rates are always difficult to locate

residual is fixed by the set bank, unless the bank they are using is not captive. If the base mF checks out, and the bank residual is correct then only way this is leasing poorly is a whole lot of extras.

I would ask for more off and then buy it, but then I realize we are talking about an Alfa…so no discount will account for the depreciation on that vehicle the minute you title it.

I would need another 6k off MSRP to get this car into an acceptable lease payment =)

I think (according to your helpful tables there) they lied about that residual of 33% like you mentioned.

1200 / month… I replied… “I’m talking about the 2021 Giulia… not the 2022 M5 competition!” =D

Ask for a deal sheet with full breakdown. Take that info and fill out the calculator and share it. We will gladly try to help you.

Otherwise we are all speculating about this deal.

That’s what I’ll do. These dealers here in Souther California won’t give me any price quote or breakdowns over the phone/e-mail. They always want me to come down to the dealership … and the same scenario happens. I get these ridiculous offers that are way over what other people have purchased/leased the car for. I just walk away laughing.

It very well could be them quoting a different bank other than CCAP…they didn’t automatically lie. Conversely now that you know the rv & mf and the percent off to get you to your target deal it may be worth it to make them an offer vs asking for a “quote”.

Isn’t the guide you posted above for MY22?

That’s what I thought as well…?

Have you given them your offer in return to see if they bite?

Fixed! Sorry. Clipped the wrong section.

If you’re serious about trying to find a vehicle to lease, you shouldn’t ever find yourself in a situation where you’re talking numbers with a dealer without already knowing what the rv actually is. The only way this situation should have gone is you saying “33%? Weird, it’s 56% through CCAP for a 24/10. What bank are you using with such low RVs?”


MSRP: $50200.00

Original Discount - $8000.00

I told then to take another 4500.00 Off

this would bring NCC to $38000 (without anything down yet)

I need to put $5500.00 down

56% Residual

0.00506 MF (wow that’s high) for Tier 3

7.75% tax

630 Government

595 Acq Fee

payment would be ~633 / month :confused: OTD

See what happens here… still think this is not such a great deal even with these figures for a Giulia … ?

Agreed… normally what i usually do but I was laughing too hard and walked away :slight_smile: I saw the quote sheet with various leasing scenarios (24,36,48) … should’ve asked for it. i don’t think it was CCAP.

Okay so the residual should be 54% for 2021 Giulia RWD 24 months 10k

Tier 3 .00506