Lease offer on 2023 Wrangler 4xe

This offer is through Clutch, so it doesn’t include their $599 referral and estimated $800 shipping from Louisiana to Denver. It’s a Sahara with sky one touch top, tow package, and cold weather group. Thoughts? I have about $5k in equity on my Grand Cherokee Trailhawk lease that is ending, but not sure I’m going to apply it.

What the question exactly? If you go through @Clutch you can be assured that you got the best deal with the best dealer


I guess that was the question! Thank you

While their isn’t a rule against asking “how is this brokered deal” from a broker on LH it doesn’t indicate what are you asking? Brokers will put the best deal that they have together and it’s up to you to move forward or not. Have you read the review section for Clutch on here? Most of the brokers / dealers on LH have a review thread so you can see the interactions that other customers have had.

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What is a little more common is that people see the best deal that a broker has on a particular vehicle, compare it to the other brokers / dealers on here and then determine if they can beat that on their own and how much time are you willing to invest in the endeavor, and how good of a negotiator are you and how good are you at catching the F&I dept from trying to slide something past you.

Also in Denver btw.


Thank you. You’re right the rest of my ask wasn’t effectively communicated. I had been reading that there might be an expected over supply of 4xe’s at the end of the year and the implied question was “do you think deals will get much better than this by year end?”

We may see a fire sale at the very end of the year depending on what happens with the tax credit rules, etc. With rates constantly increasing, however, there’s no guarantee that even with a fire sale discount, the lease would be the same or better, and youll be at the mercy of what inventory you can pick from.


My feeling is there is no risk taking delivery now, and more risk taking it later.

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