Lease Offer: Jeep GC L Overland - $62k MSRP


Is this a good deal guys? Have 30 days left on my 2020 BMW X3 and need a new car.

2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Overland
$62k MSRP (Offering a $2k discount so $60k)
$5k in incentives
$3k at signing which is the NY Tax and around $200 in fees
Lease is $700/Month all in

Do I take it?

Do yourself a favor if the X3 was big enough

and you should look at brokers pricing from JGC , it appears lower


Isn’t a Nissan Pathfinder a lot cheaper?


Truthfully you get more bang for your buck with a Limited trim than the Overland. You should be able to get a limited with the same MSRP for much less. Unless you are dead set on the Overland, that’s the route I’d go.

@JalopSpecial I would love to get that but the X3 is way too small since I just had my 2nd kid (2 car seats). I must get a 3rd row.

@mdnys thanks for the input! I am not dead set on it, just so hard to find a GC L with a sunroof… That is all I need :). The brokers pricing is good, but when adding the broker fee and transport charges, it doesn’t make sense at that point.

Is the price good? or i should go with a limited L in the $600/m range.

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2 Kids = 1 Dog

you got it, Ill def let them know :sweat_smile:

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No adaptive cruise on Limited Trim if memory serves… and some other niceties

No it does…

Memory doesnt serve.

The higher trims get the hands free driving stuff. That isn’t available on the limited.

You’re right! I knew there was some nugget of tech that was missing. I built one a few times and never moved forward because the higher trims seemed to be hammered by the residual. I just built a $61k blacked out limited and it looked pretty good and equipped with the essentials.

Where do you get 5k in incentives on an overland? I want to try and upgrade from a Limited to Overland but I only have $1k plus private offer :frowning:

We just got a limited and it has everything that we need…I really wanted the overland too but the RV just killed it.

I have zero idea, but I was playing real hard ball with my dealer for weeks and he finally came back with a real offer. He told me I qualify for $5k.

May I ask the leasing details? I just got a few quotes on a limited L.

Sure, here’s my deal check :stuck_out_tongue: Deal check - 2023 Grand Cherokee L 4x4 Limited

Oops, just realized you were replying to someone else.

I worked with Matt at @AutoNinjas
Terms were 24/10k, $59k msrp and I was around $550-$560…forget the exact number.

Hi all,

I’m working a deal on a car that the owner has been driving. It’s brand new but it has ~1600 miles on it already. According to the sheet it’s been on the lot for 73 days.

I guess should I be concerned at all about this? He’s giving me an additional 2% off of my affiliate pricing for it. But he also said that the RV gets affected by this, is that true?


Yes but the potential penalty will depends on the captive

It would help if you shared what this mystery vehicle is since it varies.