Lease newbie: NO loayty/conquest 2020 MDX Base 399 + 1494 drive off

I really apperciate all the info I got from this forum. I didn’t know “what MF is” 2 weeks ago when I first time came here, but finally I got the numbers exactly same as what I put in my “leasehackr calculator”. The process was really smooth.

My selling price was based off of broker’s sheet. I sent email with my offer to dealers. 1 said Yes on the Friday

(1 “said yes” on Thursday but turns out just playing games :))

Dealer said I’m credit(711) tier 4 but they raised me to tier 3 so that I can get 0.00010 MF

MSRP: $47,525
Selling Price:$39,299
Monthly Payment: $399
Drive-Off Amount: $1494
Annual Mileage:7500
MF: 0.00010
Residual: 55%
Incentives: 0
Region: IL
Leasehackr Score: 10.2
Leasehackr Calculator Link: CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR


Congratulations! Enjoy your MDX


Congrats! It’s incredible how much prices can swing between generations for the same vehicle.

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Congratulations! Enjoy the car.

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Great deal OP, enjoy the car, I looked at getting into the 20 MDX but the infotainment bothered me, how has it been for you?

Congrats, enjoy the new ride!

It is indeed outdated, just like its overall interior. I haven’t used the infotainment system much, but my wife says it is “okay” to use functionally, yet the UI couldn’t be uglier. Luckily it got the upper screen mainly for car play.

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You did well, congratulations.

Any MSDs to further bring down the MF?

don’t think Acura/Honda Finance has MSD AFAIK

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Acura only has one pay option.


@Drink7up would you mind PM’ing me who the dealer was where you made this deal? I’m located in IL as well and looking to lease a 2020 MDX.

This MF is crazy low. I’m not sure what this tier system is? Back in 2018 when I got mine, I had an excellent credit score, much higher than you, yet my MF was 0.00035. Is the credit score the only thing that determines your MF or is there an income to debt component?

The base mf rate varies depending on a number of factors. Just like interest rates on mortgages, etc. You can’t compare the numbers you got from numbers years ago.

Yeah, Acura (Financial Service) was the one who determined the MF number, so they could set it low to even “worse credit” customers so they can “quickly clean up the stock”. This seems so true when it comes to old-generation vehicles.

Also, I believe besides the credit score, there are other factors affecting their decision. e.g. I had a short credit history - they asked for my paystubs(which seems not normal) to increase their confidence to put me to tier 3, which qualifies for the low MF.

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Who was the dealer in IL? I am located nearby please.

Hi am also looking for a MDX deal.

I’m looking for this deal too! I live in NJ!

@Mazab @Tausif @Teddydaddy this deal isn’t reproducible in June, you need to cast a wide net given how little 2020 MDX inventory is left

DMed you guys the dealer info… please also try all other dealers, especially those has a lot in stock.