Lease Help! 2020 Mercedes CLA 4matic 250 Coupe

Hello Everyone, I want to know what is the MF and Residual for 2020 CLA 4matic?
My requirements:
Term: 36months
Down: 0
MSD: I can put 2000$
Credit Score: 740+
The dealer is offering:
Capital adjusted price - 37,645$
Discount - 2000$
MF - 0.00129


Wrong forum. Try Edmunds for RV and MF.

Also, a CLA is not worth $560 a month + tax. Post dealer sheet or calculator?

Wrong forum. And a laughably bad price.

Bruh you know what you can get for 560 a month? Jesus man look around these forums.

Go and get a much better offer. Before you repost, search the forum as to what info needs to be given so your deal can be analyzed.

A $560/mo CLA needs no analyzing.