NorCal Lease takeover: 2018 Mercedes CLA $265 + tax til 3/1/21! $42.8 MSRP!

I got into a new lease and don’t need two vehicles. Just have ceramic tint all the way around.

Location: Sacramento, CA
Make: Mercedes
Model: CLA 250
Color: dark gray / black
MSRP 42,820
Demo car
Lease Ends 2/7/21
Starting miles - 3237
Current miles - 16,XXX
Terms - 36 / 10k
MSD’s: $3150
Buyer pays Mercedes transfer fees
Payment: $265 plus tax

Is it AWD?

No it is not

Good deal. How is a $41K CLA 250 not a AWD? :slight_smile:

Did you put any money down? And whats the residual?

Can I get that here in FL? LOL

Updated the correct msrp to $42,820

Good deal for someone out there…

Are you giving up your MSDs or expecting to recoup from taker?

Since the MSD’s will transfer with the car and are refundable - yes buyer will need $3,150 down

Still available!!

Responded to a couple PMs…

App was declined - back on the market!

pretty good deal and nice looking CLA, did you post it on swapalease? if you’re not getting any bites here you probably will there

Not yet, I don’t really want to pay to get out of the lease…

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that’s a nice car for about 290 bucks a month including tax

I’m surprised it still available… previous applicant pulled out last minute…

I will take this. how can we connect?

Sent info to you…

I replied to all messages.

Still available…

I am interested. Would like to know a few more details of the transfer process. Can you PM me so that we can connect?

First you apply through the link that I send you from my Mercedes Ben’s portal. Once they receive the application it takes 24 hours to process. Once it is approved they send a contract that we get signed and send back. Once they receive all the paperwork, you pay the 695 transfer fee (they may also ask for the first months payment). Once they receive everything we meet up and exchange the car and the $3150.

If you are unfamiliar with a security deposit, it is a deposit that I put down to reduce the interest charge, lowering the payment. The deposit I put down was 3150 and is fully refundable at the end of the lease. Everything is stated in the contract.