Lease ends in March - help me decide what sub $650/mo lease to get

During “normal” times, looking at data over a few months is totally reasonable. With the current global supply chain issues, data over a few weeks is hardly even viable. Your only good option is to look at what things are doing right now. If the deal wasn’t done in October, it’s useless.

Also, with the turn over going on in the industry currently, the only reason a dealer would have a car on a lot for a year is because they are absolutely insane with their asking prices. It used to be that a long time on the lot was a good indicator of a potential deal. Now, it’s only a gigantic red flag of a dealer with unreasonable expectations.


got it, thanks so much for your detailed and thoughtful response. With the shortage, I haven’t seen any shared deals for a 530e posted in some time

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You can also check the market place for broker listings, but be sure to pay attention to orders vs in stock vehicles.

He got his car in the first week of June. It’s 4 months later. As mllcb42 said, it’s not even comparable. Right now I think closed comps are nearly impossible unless you look at what other brokers can get for you.

For what it’s worth, I kinda enjoy my 530e. No difference between 2021 and 2022. It is a little heavier so it doesn’t feel sporty but quieter, smoother, and better trim than the 330e I had. The phev on it has almost no value to you unless you’re within 15 miles or so of wherever you plan on charging; it’s only valuable to me since I live close to the office (if and when I ever really go back). I really like the speakers, HUD and cockpit dash - don’t care for the feature that keeps buzzing whenever it thinks I’m going out of the lane (it doesn’t do well with lane merges) or the idiotic gesture based controls for the infotainment system.

Good luck.


Get a Polestar for $650/mo or less. There are nice rebates in CA.


Im in the same boat coming out of an x5 but wanted to downgrade to something in the $300s

The one which randomly stops on the road? Thanks, but no thanks.

Well, at least it doesn’t hit stopped white trucks at full speed.


I ordered a 530i with the Msport package that I picked up in July, and I love it. The seats are incredibly comfortable, and the infotainment system, remote start/ventilation, and convenience package locking/unlocking are all little things that add up to really make my daily work much more enjoyable. The M sport steering and suspension really make that car, in my opinion. My wife has a 2021 430i convertible and I prefer to drive my 530i.

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A long “time on lot” means nothing if the dealer’s lot is empty and there isn’t pressure to get rid of old cars to make space for new inventory.

They’ll hold it until it sells for the price they want.

Update: Test drove the Polestar 2 this weekend. Def nice car and like the interior much more than a Model 3 Tesla, but the $70k MSPR model I drove did not have the luxury look and feel I was hoping for. So I’m thinking 530i M-Sport package or 530e. I won’t be ordering so I can my OL code

You may find that you can get a much better discount on an order than an in stock unit, more than making up for the OL code amount.

What specifically made you walk away from the polestar? I’m thinking about getting one after my 530e lease is up next month. And the deals for the 2021s are quite decent

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This has been my exact same experience. Big fan of my 530e and would have likely bought it out in a few months had the national guard not hit me earlier this year. Unfortunately, won’t be worth as much with a dirty carfax.

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accident or not. I strongly discourage driving 530e outside of full warranty. Mine spend too much time at the dealership for all sorts of issues. It has less than 16K mi. I don’t mind since local dealer(Sewell) provides pickup/drop off with loaner.

I can’t put my finger on what I didn’t love about it from the 20 min drive - but overall it doesn’t have the luxury look or feel of a 5-series. I haven’t test driven an i4 yet, but I’d take the look of an i4 over the Polestar too.

Did you pay MSRP back than?

I got a great deal when ordered it back in April. I got it through a broker, Bacon’s Car Concierge. He’s here on the forum as @Bacons_C.C
I recommend you see what deals he can broker for you at this time.

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