Lease ends in March - help me decide what sub $650/mo lease to get

BMW i3 lease ends March 2022 with 20k miles remaining. Never loved the car but was too good of a deal to pass. For my next car, looking for a lease with around $650/mo. payments. and narrowed it down to i4 ev and 530e.

I don’t see many 530e’s in stock locally, so am debating between (1) special ordering a 530e and having a bit of an overlap between the two cars; or (2) pre-ordering an i4 and hoping BMW will extend the i3 lease until that becomes available. I have a “sales” type job so having a nice looking car doesn’t hurt. I also have young children so something that I can transport them occasionally.

I was also considering a Tesla Model Y but prefer the BMW brand. Would appreciate any suggestions on (a) which car to get, and (b) best way to get it, considering I have a few months.

nobody knows what the world is going to look like tomorrow, let alone march. what’s the point of this topic?


advice on which car to get - and with the current timelines, when is a good time to order one.

order it. you won’t find a lot car for less than MSRP for a while. it’s a 3-4 month wait, though expect BMW will start being a bit longer.


Not for under $650/mo


You’ll like the 530e and should be able to get it around that price nicely loaded.

It’ll probably be awhile before you can get the i4 for that esp given the ‘national’ deal is ~$699/$5k

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Unless BMW has extended its 90-day lock for the west coast, you’re probably not going to get an ordered BMW with any lock.

And the programs keep getting worse.

IMO it’s pointless to order something without clarity on what your payments will be.

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Base model Civic might be under $650 in March


You mean you don’t like buying dreams and excitement? How about custom ordering your car now and getting $1000 off MSRP?

If charging is not a issue I vote Tesla

Gotta say shopping in this market has been a nightmare. Especially trying to stay within my budget and shopping for my wife. I think the only piece of advice is that the more flexible you are with different brands, the better shot you have of getting what you want. Never used a broker before, now contemplating using one, Some of the cars I am looking at, I would not have considered before.

Shopping prices won’t help now, but shopping for what you like might like.

The only Tesla you’re getting for under $650/mo is a no-option 3 SR+.

Thanks for all the advice- I reached out to the only BMW dealership that had a 2021 530e and asked for 10% off MSRP and he just laughed at me. I think I’m going to custom order a 2022 530e this weekend which is supposed to take around 4 months to arrive.

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What about buying a 3 yr old 530e or 745e?

makes sense


lol, he offered $1,000 off a 2021 model that has been sitting on his lot for one year. I was hoping to get to 6%

I would prefer a lease as I don’t want to put my cash into a car right now.

What did you base this request on?

Next time, just make a reasonable offer based on the current market conditions. When you overshoot things that much, your offer just ends up in the trash rather than as a starting point for going back and forth on.


I remember seeing two posts in the last four months with 530e at 10-12% off (see @calihackr post from July). I also saw brokers pricing. So, being an older model sitting on the lot for a year, I didn’t think 10% off when 2022s are being sold was an “overshoot.” Didn’t love the color, so wasn’t upset about getting rejected - mostly surprised.